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The queens reenter the Werk Room and debrief after Jiggly Caliente's elimination. The queens view the lipsticks: it's 9 for Jiggly and 2 for Yara. Ginger Minj confirms she voted out Jiggly.

Trinity K. Bonet reveals she voted out Yara Sofia. She did it because she thought Jiggly worked harder during the challenge. The other queens don't believe her reasoning.

The queens read Jiggly's lipstick message.

RuPaul reveals the Maxi Challenge is a commercial challenge to promote their new outlandish side hustles. The queens are paired from shortest to tallest. Ginger, A'keria, Jan, and Silky are Group 1 doing a rent-a-queen service. Trinity, Pandora, Yara, and Ra'Jah are drag fixers in Group 2. Kylie, Scarlet, and Eureka are drag exorcists in Group 3.

Pandora Boxx thinks her group will win because she has experience creating commercials and promos in her town. She thinks they need to go out with the humor, but Trinity thinks Yara is too eclectic and unpredictable.

Ra'Jah asks if everything is better between Trinity and Yara. Trinity just wants them to get their act together and win.

For Group 3, Eureka and Scarlet want to do a bit of improv. Kylie is worried because she's a showgirl and hasn't used the specific skills needed for this challenge.

For Group 1, the queens are pitching out many ideas for Rent-A-Queen, but Silky is hesitant because she wants to keep it simple. In confessional, she won't speak out because she doesn't want the loud reputation anymore.

During the recording, Trinity is worried because she fumbled in acting challenges during her original season. Yara laughs a bit and Trinity finds her camera, but the queens get laughs from Ross Mathews and Michelle Visage.

The Drag Exorcists get laughs from the judges. The queens stumble a bit by not being on the same page, but they get it together to film all their funny scenes. The Rent-A-Queens filmed too many scenes in rehearsal; Silky is worried that she'll be at the bottom because she's fading too much in the background.

During the mirror moments, Silky Nutmeg Ganache talks about the negative reaction she had after her season. She's worried about being back and her time in the competition.

The guest judge is Tia Mowry.

"Rudemption Runway" is the runway category where queens wear updated looks of past looks. Kylie is in a feathery pink jumpsuit based on her Lady Gaga Snatch Game, Scarlet Envy is in a Greek ethereal artistic look based on her entrance look, Eureka is in a geometric bodysuit based on her faux fur runway, Ra'Jah is in a plant gown based on her farm-to-runway look, Pandora is in a blue gown with plants based on her All-Stars runway, Yara is in a glittery black gown based on her Season 3 promo look, Trinity is in a black glittery gown based on her Season 6 promo look, Jan is in a glittery blue gown based on her entrance look, Ginger Minj is in a glittery pantsuit based on her futuristic All Stars runway, Silky is in a fringe glitter bodysuit based on her Drag Family Values look, and A'Keria is in a fitted sexy caftan based on her caftan look.

Each of the three commercials get plenty of laughs. The groups will be judged as groups. Drag Fixers is the winning team; Trinity K. Bonet is the top All Star of the week.

During the judging panel, the judges love Kylie's runway look and how she paired with Scarlet in the challenge, the judges love Scarlet's runway and how effortless she was in the commercial, and Eureka's look was elevated from her previous season and she stole the show in her commercial. The judges think Jan needs to take her moment and not fight the funk of getting into it, Ginger needs to fix her makeup, but they loved her in the commercial, they liked Silky's runway, but she didn't have a spark in her commercial, they loved A'Keria's runway look, but they felt her nerves in the commercial.

Jan, Ginger Ming, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, and A'Kerica C. Davenport are the bottom queens for the week.

The queens are shocked that there are four bottoms. The bottoms campaign to stay in the competition. Trinity K. Bonet is upset that no one congratulated her on her win; she calls out the group and they cheer for her.

Trinity K. Bonet speaks with the bottom queens. She tells A'Keria and Silky that they're good with her; she loves Jan while giving Ginger both love and critiques. In the group, Silky gets Jan upset by saying she thinks Jan is in the bottom with her.

During the voting, Ginger Minj votes for A'Keria, A'Keria votes for Silky, Silky votes for A'Keria.

The lip-sync assassin is Laganja Estranja. The lip-sync song is "Physical" by Dua Lipa. The queens bring out lots of energy and moves; Laganja dished out plenty of moves and wows the crowd. Silky gets hit in the face by Laganja's outfit.

Laganja Estranja wins the lip-sync.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache was eliminated by the queens. An hour later, Silky gets invited to play the game-within-a-game.

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

RuPaul: Have you ever been possessed by a demon?
Eureka!: My whole life.
[Everyone laughs]

Ginger Minj: Well, if I win the lip-sync, I’ll give you a $1,000. If you win the lip-sync, you’ll give me a $1,000.
Jan: Okay, deal!
Ra’Jah O’Hara: Oh, I see y’all already got something going on. Okay…