Crystal Methyd Showgirl - RuPaul's Drag Race
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Jaida Essence Hall reads Heidi's goodbye message in her trademark whistle. As she says a touching message, the power in the Werk Room shuts off. The queens move to the Untucked lounge for the couch debrief.

The queens talk about their challenges and being in the final round before the finale.

In confessional, Gigi Goode said she was too much in her head during the previous challenge. She wants to break free to win.

For the week, RuPaul wants to celebrate RuPaul's Drag Race Live!, the Las Vegas show that celebrates the TV show. The Mini Challenge is for the queens to quick-drag as a showgirl.

Jaida Essence Hall's showgirl is known for confusion, Gigi Goode does a dive, Sherry Pie does little dance moves, Crystal Methyd shakes her body, and Jackie Cox does sounds that make Crystal uncomfortable. Gigi Goode wins the Mini Challenge.

The Maxi Challenge is for the queens to perform a medley of songs from RuPaul's Drag Race Live, including an original rap verse. They'll work with choreographer Jamal Simms to learn the dance moves. RuPaul confirms that someone will be eliminated this week.

As the queens brainstorm lyrics, Jackie Cox thinks she can win if she can snatch at least one Maxi Challenge. Gigi Goode wants to surprise the judges with her verse. Crystal Methyd is unsure about what to write or what to perform.

The queens begin recording their lyrics. Leland, the producer, wants Gigi to give more energy since it's pretty low. For Jackie Cox, she increased her flow and impressed Leland.

Crystal Methyd's singing cracks a lot, but her personality makes up with lots of humor.

During Jaida's turn, she acknowledges that she isn't a singer. She keeps getting in her head and the producers are worried they won't get a full take.

Jamal Simms starts teaching the queens their dance numbers. Jackie's dancing looks like a dad dancing; she hasn't captured the sexy. Whenever Crystal messes up, she keeps saying "I'm amazing!" Jamal Simms wants Gigi to bring the sexy for her routine. Jaida does the best with her best dance routine.

During the mirror moment, the queens reminisce about the past season, like when they acknowledged their talent and how Crystal changed. Jackie wants to lift herself back up and get the win.

The queens perform the lipsync numbers to RuPaul Drag Race Live! The first number involves them all wearing their entry looks. The second number is "Love The Mirror."

The queens perform their original raps during "Still That Bitch."

The runway category is "Eleganza Extravaganza." Crystal Methyd's look is inspired by old Hollywood and futuristic glamour. Gigi Goode wears headgear on the runway. Jackie Cox wears a sweet dress with Andy Warhol colors. Sherry Pie dresses in a modern version of Mae West. Jaida Essence Hall is in a form-fitting gold number and sheer cape.

During the judging panel, they loved her energy and performance, but not her orange outfit in the dance number. They love her final runway look. They loved Gigi's performance during the challenge; she killed it and brought so much confidence. They loved her outfit on the runway.

The judges enjoyed Jackie's delivery during her lipsync numbers. They feel Jaida Essence Hall's gown is breathtaking, and her rap number captivated theme. They loved Sherry's outfit on the runway and her performance in the number; they didn't like her outfit during the final song.

During the private panel, they're impressed by Crystal's growth all season, Gigi shined with her versatile talent, they feel Jackie's heart, Jaida was perfection, and Sherry gave shining moments during the season. The judges base their reveals on the scores throughout the season.

Gigi Goode wins the challenge. Jaida Essence Hall and Sherry Pie are safe. Crystal Methyd and Jackie Cox are at the bottom.

The lipsync is "On The Floor" by Jennifer Lopez. Both of the queens add humor to their lipsync.

Crystal Methyd wins the lipsync. Dhalia Sin appears as a cheeky cameo at the end.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 Episode 12 Quotes

We’re in the home stretch and I’m feeling pretty confident. And I can taste the Top 4. And now, it’s like … ugh! I need it really bad.

Crystal Methyd

Look, at this point nobody wants to make it all the way to the finish line, and right before you step over it, fall down. I am one step away from making the Top 4. I’m not trying to f*** this up!

Jaida Essence Hall