Reunion Time - RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 Episode 15
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The queens reunite on the Drag Race Live stage. Each queen does an entrance with their outfit.

A montage is shown of the season. RuPaul jokes about not sending any queens home.

The queens talk about their international influence and being recognized in public. Jorgeous, Kerri Colby, and Alyssa Hunter got to open for Jennifer Lopez on stage.

A montage is shown of the Golden Candy Bar. June Jambalaya talks about becoming a meme from the first chocolate reveal. Bosco is still blown away from having the golden candy bar.

Kornbread talks about having to leave the competition due to injury.

A scene is shown of Kornbread's issues with her family. She reveals that she and her family have gotten close; they've resolved some issues from the past. Her family came to support her during a drag show.

A scene is shown of Kornbread telling Jasmine Kennedie that she talked too much, and Kornbread being frustrated with her. The queens discuss Jasmine's overtalking and how she grew after having that confrontation with Kornbread. The queens are complimentary of Jasmine.

A montage is shown of Daya Betty and Jasmine Kennedie's ongoing fights. Daya doesn't regret anything she said; she wished she didn't say certain things the way she said them. Jasmine is upset that the comments were made about her personally, and Jorgeous doesn't believe Daya respected her or Jasmine.

Daya Betty starts crying after June Jambalaya starts defending and complimenting her. Maddy Morphosis calls Jasmine out. Jasmine and Daya start yelling at each other.

Kerri Colby demands that people stop sending Daya Betty hate and death threats. Daya apologizes to Jorgeous and Jasmine.

A montage is shown of Alyssa Hunter outside of drag. Alyssa is called the trade of the season. She reveals she's single.

A montage is shown of a flirtation between Lady Camden and Angeria Paris VanMichaels. Angeria was drawn in by Lady Camden's British accent, and Angeria made Lady Camden feel special. They're in the early stages and excited to see whatever happens.

Jorgeous reveals she had a secret romance with Orion Story. Kornbread caught a moment of them holding hands. Orion reveals she had a short-lived romance with Jorgeous. Everyone jokes how Jorgeous was too busy and hard to get a hold of.

Kornbread got a tattoo of Willow Pill; they're great friends now.

Maddy Morphosis talks about being the first straight male drag queen on Drag Race. The queens support Maddy, and Maddy talks about the part she plays in the community.

A montage is shown of Maddy and Jasmine's fight. Maddy says she was drinking and felt disrespected by Jasmine. Jasmine apologizes for any miscommunication.

A scene is shown of Jasmine admitting she's transgender for the first time. Jasmine talks about what led her to reveal it and how she told her father. RuPaul reveals that Bosco, Willow Pill, and Kornbread came out as trans after the season.

A montage is shown of Bosco and Lady Camden arguing over the role in the Rusical. Bosco owns up to her negative attitude and bringing Lady Camden down.

The queens play Toot or Boot. Jasmine's glamazon prime look is Boot. DeJa Skye's shoulder pads is Toot. Bosco's tutu is Toot. Jorgeous' chaps look is Boot. Kerri Colby's JLO look is Toot. June Jambalaya's jungle bride is Boot.

Lala Ri gives out the Golden Boot Award to Maddy Morphosis' patchwork Southern dress.

Audience questions are given to the queens. Kornbread did pay Daya Bety $1,000 after eating the dragonfly. Orion would've slayed the 60s girl group and Snatch Game. DeJa Skye gives out a birthday message as Lil Jon.

The queens read each other. Only the eliminated queens who didn't get to read get to do it.

RuPaul gives the floor to the queens to ask or discuss anything. Daya Betty takes the opportunity to apologize to Jorgeous and Jasmine again. Maddy Morphosis calls out RuPaul for giving her two back-to-back design challenges.

The Top 5 discuss their highs and lows of the season.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 Episode 15 Quotes

Miss June. As short as your time was, maybe you should change your name to “February”?

Maddy Morphosis

I gave you a call, and guess who didn’t fucking answer? You!

Daya Betty