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The queens return to the Werk Room and read Maddy Morphosis' lipstick message.

Jasmine Kennedie talks about her fight with Maddy during Untucked and how she sent Maddy home in the lip-sync. Lady Camden feels invigorated and wants to win the next Maxi Challenge.

Daya Betty complains about Jorgeous' outfit and how her hard work wasn't paying off on the main stage. Jorgeous is sad, but she's standing up for herself.

During the next day, Daya Betty makes an insincere apology to Jorgeous about her comments in the previous round.

RuPaul reveals the Maxi Challenge is an acting challenge for an overdramatic soap opera, "The Daytona Wind." Jorgeous gets to assign all the acting roles. RuPaul will serve as the director during rehearsals and recording.

Jorgeous plans to give herself the part she wants and then will be democratic to give each queen a role they want.

Jasmine is Maddie Smith O'Hara, Jorgeous is Sierra, DeJa Skye is Maggie, Bosco is Fancy, Kerri Colby is Deandra, Willow Pill and Daya Betty are the spring break sisters, and Lady Camden is Leona. Angeria and Lady Camden have to kiss in their roles.

Daya Betty and Willow Pill practice their lines together; they have lots of fun. Bosco is confident in her role, but she only has one scene.

Kerri, DeJa, and Jorgeous practice their lines. DeJa is forgetting her lines while rehearsing. Jorgeous is worried because she failed during the last two acting challenges.

The queens rehearse and film their scenes in front of RuPaul. The Davenports (DeJa, Jorgeous, and Kerri) film their scene first. RuPaul asks DeJa to speak with a Southern accent, which causes her to stumble over her accent and lines. Kerri serves her line while RuPaul laughs over Jorgeous' expressions.

Jasmine's acting is so bad that it becomes so funny. RuPaul and all the queens are laughing.

Willow Pill makes a splash with her first line, and Daya Betty raises the stakes after she pushes herself to steal the spotlight. Bosco shines with her solo steal. Lady Camden blows everyone away with her acting, but Angeria is forgetting her lines.

During the next day, the queens return to the Werk Room to get ready. Angeria is very worried that she'll end up at the bottom; Willow tries to encourage her. Daya apologizes to Jorgeous and wants to make everything cool between them.

Lady Camden talks about San Francisco and a BDSM festival. They talk about this week's runway.

Ts Madison is the guest judge.

"Chaps on the Runway" is the runway category. Willow Pill is in a black leather bodysuit with an atomic wedgie, Bosco is in a pink leather motorcycle girl with fringe, DeJa is in a blue cheetah chaps with a blue bodysuit, Kerri Colby is in a hairy chapsuit with long dreads, Jorgeous has lacy chaps below her waist with diamond bikini lingerie, Angeria Paris VanMichaels is in golden disco chaps, Jasmine Kennedie is in yellow and blue academic chaps, Lady Camden wears a Freddy Mercury-inspired chaps (she fakes a fall on the runway), and Daya Betty wears a CEO businesswoman chaps.

The queens view the cut of The Daytona Wind. Someone has added fart noises to some of the scenes.

DeJa, Kerri, and Angeria are safe. There are no bottoms during the week because all the queens did an amazing job. The Top 2 queens will Lip-sync For The Win.

During the judges, the judges love her glittery look but wanted her to push more in acting, Jasmine's acting made the judges laugh and they liked her runway, they loved Lady Camden's acting and her surprise runway reveal, they thought Daya Betty blew them away on the runway and in acting, Willow Pill's acting and runway were fun silly, and Bosco nailed her small acting role and her runway.

During the secret panel, Michelle Visage wants more from Jorgeous, they thought Jasmine was iconic, Lady Camden blew everyone away, Daya Betty made her mark this week, Willow Pill left the judges mixed, and Bosco killed it in her acting role.

Jorgeous is safe. Jasmine Kennedie is safe. Lady Camden is in the top. Bosco is safe. Willow Pill is safe. Daya Betty is in the top.

"One Way Or Another" by Blondie is the lip-sync song. Daya goes for an edgy vibe with her lip-sync while Lady Camden goes for campy comedy energy.

Lady Camden wins the lip-sync.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 Episode 7 Quotes

Jasmine Kennedie: I don’t feel … Like, we clearly had a moment.
Kerri Colby: Yes.
Jasmine Kennedie: We had a moment.

I, of course, have more of a fire under my ass now. So, watch the fuck out everyone!
[All the room cheers]

Lady Camden