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A very unhappy Mary Sibley, holding true to her promise to make Mercy suffer if she dared to betray her, goes to the body dump and sets it ablaze, burning Mercy and her entire army.

Mary is making speeches and sets the clock for the dark lord to come above. The bodies who are lost as a result of the plague have a purpose. They will be dumped into the crags and await their transformation. At the time of a three day planetary phase will all of the changes occur.

Tituba reminds Mary that Isaac is right now with the new doctor who will likely tell the doctor everything.

Mary is not a beast. She puts a potion into Isaac's glass, but when he asks for a drink, she cannot give it to him, instead knocking it over, a tear streaming down her face.

At the crags Mercy's hand pops up through the bodies.

Back at Mary's house, the boy is poking needles into Mr. Sibley's feet. He is his mother's son. Tituba catches him and tells him to make sure she doesn't catch him playing like that. When she leaves, he smirks at Mr. Sibley.

Anne Hale is paid a visit by Mr. Hawthorne. He's using the very orphan speech on her that Mary told Anne would be coming. When he takes her hand, Anne causes his nose to bleed. He's off, promising to return for her.

Anne wants to leave Salem, but discovers both the Selectmen and Mrs. Sibley require people have a permit to travel now.

When Anne gets home, a mask of her father's face is on a table in front of the fireplace. She puts it on and is suddenly transported to a rainy evening in front of the Mather house in Boston. She knocks and Cotton answers. 

In the woods John Alden is walking. He runs into the seer. Petras can see just fine, even blind. He tells John he showed Mary Sibley his funeral. He's on no side, he claims. Alive or dead, however, John is still the most wanted man.

The citizens are stunned to learn Dr. Wainwright is taking the bodies to the crags for the sakes of those who are still well.

John learns there is one less witch as Magistrate Hale is dead. Mary will have to find someone new for the seat, most likely one of her own. Upon the news, John kills Petras. So soon after we learned his name, no less.

Anne asks for Cotton to please return to Salem. He asks for her to please call him Cotton. After all they've been through, it seems the least they could do.

While Anne is visiting, Countess Marburg comes for a visit and is finally properly introduced to our witches. Anne is absolutely mesmerized and hears in her head..."I thought I smelled a witch in Boston." Anne is transported again, into her soul. The Countess is the swallower of souls, the last of the first, the last of the true witches. She cannot believe it is the Essex witches who have managed to do the impossible, accomplish the Grand Rite. She wants to know it it was, exactly. Anne has, of course, no idea. 

In a split instant, inside her own soul, the Countess reveals she knew Increase Mather. All of these things simply stun Anne to the core. She learns she will again speak to her father and so much more. Before they leave her mind, the Countess kisses Anne passionately.

John Alden, meanwhile, is busy killing as many plain people as he can in Salem. He's not the nice guy we all remember!

Mary and Samuel run into each other in John's old house as he's moving in and she thought it was being criminally occupied. Dr. Wainwright knows women are far stronger than men, suggesting that if men had to bear the earth's children, it would be a cold, dead place.

Anne spends the night at Cotton's house, in Increase's room. He promises her he will return with her to Salem.

We meet the Countess' son as he's brushing her hair and asking after Anne Hale, what she tasted like. They kiss and he tastes the honey of which the Countess spoke. The Countess also learned from Anne things Anne didn't know she knew, such as Mary performing the Grand Rite. The Countess plans on knowing everything she can about Mary before storming Salem, just as a good carpenter would take all measurements before making a cut into wood.

Sebastian got his mother a gift. A girl is all trussed up in the wardrobe.

Mary is excited in Salem, chatting to George about death for all of the citizens and life for all of the wishes. The comet will be passing over right as the crags are filled with bodies.

Tituba hears the conversation and wishes to reward Mary with a taste of motherhood to come. The boy is in the other room, in the bathtub. Mary kisses him on the forehead and the boy grabs Mary's face, kissing her much as Sebastian kisses his mother. Mary is not pleased.

Mercy, meanwhile, makes her way home to her father. Remember him? Well, she's kind of burned to a crisp. Father, she says, your baby's home. Ewww.


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Salem Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Petras: I can tell you there is one less witch in Salem since you have gone.
John: How?
Petras: Wrong question.

You wanted war. Now taste war.