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On a rainy night in Salem, a mysterious creature rises from the ground as Baron Sebastian von Marburg introduces the dark lord to witches under his ruling. The dark lord kills an Essex witch for daring to ask for a reward.

Mary Sibley is dead; buried by John Alden. Tituba survived but lost her eyes. She gains the powers of a Seer and is shown the terrifying future under the dark lord. She is warned that she and Mary must stop him.

Wendell Hathorne assumes leadership over Salem. Isaac manipulates him into allowing refugees into the town and sparing John from hanging.

Cotton is under the control of Anne. She uses her familiar, Brown Jenkins, to confine him to a chair.

Tituba digs up Mary's body and brings her to the Essex witches in hopes of reviving her. The coven performs a spell to give it a try.

Mercy, still glamoring with human blood, is a madam at a brothel. She welcomes a new girl Alice to the house and, as a sign of gratitude, secretly enacts a curse to kill Alice's drunken uncle. The uncle is tortured and murdered while the girls play Cat's Craddle.

The mysterious monster consumes the flesh of a victim and returns to the dark lord. The monster (now man) is an ally of the dark lord.

Anne asks Cotton to trust her and gives him freedom. He tries to escape and is stopped - Brown Jenkins is still inside him and will kill him if he escapes again.

The spell from the Essex witches works: Mary is brought back to life.

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Salem Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Remember dear ones, to the Reaper, all flesh is grass...even witch flesh. A great terror will soon fall upon Salem and there is not a soul alive upon this dull earth who can stop me.

Dark Lord

Anne: My love for you rules all that I do.
Cotton: If this is your love, I hope never to see your hate.