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The dark lord has returned to life. He orders Anne to contact Cotton as he still plans to marry Mary.

Sebastian and John Alden fight at Thomas' home. Sebastian is using magic to torment John before killing him.

The town is rioting at Mercy's brothel; they're destroying the inside of the building. They demand Isaac be freed. Magistrate Hathorne and Isaac convince her to free him in exchange for calming down the crowd.

Anne releases Cotton from the mirror world by breaking the mirror.

John gets knocked out, but it's a ruse. He stabs Sebastian twice in the throat. In his dying breath, Sebastian asks John to save Mary.

The dark lord and Anne give Cotton a way to save the people of Salem. In exchange for their lives, Cotton must sacrifice his soul by willingly enter through hell's door. He enters the door and the black mercury within the clock is extinguished since a sufficient deal has been made.

After Cotton's sacrifice, the dark lord ages rapidly and sheds his former body. He is now the older 20-something version of little John; he demands Mary still be his bride.

Anne promises to help Mary avoid having to bed the dark lord. She brings her to the skeleton of the Countess von Marburg and slices her lips. She forces the blood to flow down to the skeleton.

The citizens of Salem are rioting in the streets; they're destroying their homes and rampaging through the town. Isaac rushes to Dorcas and promises to get her back home safely.

John finds an ailing Mary in one of the bedrooms. He comforts her but it's not actually her; the Countess has switched her minds with Mary and she starts attacking him. The Countess visits the dark lord and the two begin hooking up.

As the town riots, Anne momentarily stops the town with magic to speak with Isaac, Tituba, Mercy and John. She makes a deal with John to help save him and Mary because John once saved her life in the past (and because she loved him for years as a young girl). If saved, they must never enter Salem again, but he must give her his angel-killing weapon.

Anne's offer to Isaac is to give him power to lead the town. He believes her quest to be foolish and he declines her deal. The town citizens turn on him and they kill him.

Anne's offer to Mercy is to help fulfill her great ambition of being a powerful witch. However, in exchange, she must complete her original plan of killing Hathorne. Anne begins to magically choke Hathorne. Mercy begs Anne to save him, she gives up any claim to be a leader. Anne obliges and magically suffocates them both so that they will be together.

Anne's offer to Tituba is to still send her far away from Salem, but she can't trust the mischievous seer. She strips Tituba of her magic and the ability to speak by trapping her in a cage on a slave ship.

Anne stabs the dark lord with the angel blade. She plots to bring the dark lord back to life, but SHE will become his immortal bride when it happens. She plans to use Gloriana's baby as the vessel to carry the dark lord.

The Countess is mad at Anne for staling the chance to rule with the dark lord, but she accepts her role as Queen Mother. Anne betrays the Countess and kills her.

Mary returns back to life and embraces John in kisses. Mary and John escape Salem together for a life of happiness.

Anne assumes leadership of Salem and spurs on a witch hunt to kill every witch in to town. She is the last one left standing with Brown Jenkins by her side.

Back in hell, Cotton makes his way down the spiral staircase to the take in the view. He is horrified at the sight of hell and begins to scream.

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Salem Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

I believe...I believe neither of us ever loved anybody but her in our whole lives, and my jealously I plotted her destruction. Now it is my only regret. So, I couldn't bear to live without her, but now I don't have long to live. So listen...she is in unspeakable danger. For once, prove yourself worthy of her love. Save her.


Anne: I know, dear Cotton, I know. Terrible. Awful. Evil incarnate. You've opened my eyes, dear husband. I was the perfect wife and yet you still preferred the company of a whore. Well, the pain you caused me set me free from all my slavish craving for the world's approval.
Cotton: Anne, whatever your hatred for me do not let that be hatred for all the people of Salem. Minutes they will all die, but there may yet still be time. Please...please let me out of here before it is too late.
Anne: Oh, you may yet save Salem, dear Cotton. You and I both know what a dissolute weakling you really are. But when I release you, you will have the chance to be that great man everyone believes you to be.