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Tituba has sewn the dark lord's body together. She recites an incantation to lure Mary to open hell's door; Mary resists and pulls out a blade to stand guard.

Countess von Marburg's skeleton continues to manipulate Sebastian -- he needs "the heart of a Marburg" to be happy.

Mercy and Magistrate Hathorne are celebrating wedded bliss; Mercy teases Cotton to visit one of her girls in the brothel. The woman is, in fact, Gloriana -- she doesn't remember him and it makes him sad. She reveals that Anne lead her to Mercy; Cotton pledges to help Gloriana and save her.

John Alden relays the warning of the Sentinel.  They must search for the bomb to save the people of Salem. Alden visits Thomas to get patched up.

Mary has become paranoid - she claims herself "Guardian of the Threshold" and will stop the dark lord from opening hell's door. Cotton helps her to see reason; he goes to see Tituba.

John Alden knocks out Thomas since he finds him suspicious.

The Sentinel's escort delivers a message to Isaac from Mercy; she reveals Dorcas is with her madam.

Cotton confronts Anne about her lies. She lets slip that she stole the baby from Gloriana -- he is hysterical. He chokes her but she flings him away and goes into a tirade. Sebastian stops her (he magically sends Cotton away into the mirror world) and he brings her to see their mother.

Isaac finds Dorcas in Mercy's brothel. Mercy makes a deal; Dorcas' life for Isaac's. He agrees and she is freed.

Sebastian brings Anne to the Countess' skeleton. He seduces her and they kiss in front of their dead mother.

John interrogates and plans to kill Thomas. To save his life, he admits to the danger hiding in the clock.

Tituba nearly opens the door but Mary stops her, she kills Tituba's cat in the process. Sebastian appears and reveals to Mary that John Alden didn't forgive her; it was actually him in disguise.

An angry mob appears outside the brothel demanding to save Isaac.

John cuts a wire in the clock to make it stop, but it doesn't work -- the clock still ticks.

Anne opens hell's door and the dead body of the dark lord is reanimated. The dark lord has returned.

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Salem Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Mary: You would damn generations to hell on earth because of your own bitter heart?!
Anne: You are absolutely right, I would. Happily. I would turn the earth into a bitter desert in the very image of my heart!

Mary: The most fatal error, my treacherous sister -- placing your trust in the dark lord...and this mangy mouter.
[Snaps the cat's neck]
Tituba: Blind me if you will. I can track and kill you in the darkest night!