On Salem Season 2 Episode 7, Mary invites Countess Marburg and her son to an impromptu dinner party. Dr. Wainwright does some research into the plague.

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When you watch Salen Season 2 Episode 7, you'll see how far one woman will go to take over control. Mary wants to get rid of Countess Marburg and resurrects Increase to help her in her mission to rid the town of Salem of the Countess. Before Increase will give Mary any information on the Countess, he needs to do some digging around before revealing her secrets. Mary gets the idea for a dinner party and invites the Countess, and others, over for an impromptu party. It's clear Countess Marburg knows something is amiss, but she's not letting on she knows. She even goes so far as to marvel at all the guests at the table and reveal what she plans to do with each person and basically states she'll get rid of the free-thinkers because they are the ones to fear. By the end of the dinner things are going well, until Mary's son shows up and the Countess takes immediate notice of the boy and already plans to steal him away because she knows he's the key to bring the "dark lord" back and she plans to have Mercy do the kidnapping for her. Meanwhile, Dr. Wainwright does some literal digging into the plague on a victim who is still alive. Once he opens the man up, he realizes his organs are liquefied and there is a ton of black bile in the victim.

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On Salem Season 2 Episode 7, Mary invites Countess Marburg and her son to dinner. Dr. Wainwright does some research on the plague with a live person.

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Salem Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Painful, I know, for a man who lived by the power of his speech to be silenced.


Dear Increase, did you really think I'd let you lay a hand on me?