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After the impeachment proceedings are dismissed, Fitz addresses the nation to open Scandal Season 5 Episode 7. He attempts to win back the American people with an apology appealing directly to the heart of the public and vows to work tirelessly for his constituents. 

Abby confronts Olivia about how she managed to end the impeachment proceedings and Olivia says she doesn't want to lie to Abby and dodges the question. Susan Ross flirts with David Rosen at a gathering. Cyrus tells Fitz that Rowan has managed to escape from prison and Olivia pretends not to know. Abby knows, however, that Olivia knows and the two share a glance.

When Olivia returns home, she finds Jake on her couch. He blames her for Elise's death and tells her that she is Rowan's greatest achievement. She asks him to leave. 

Cyrus walks into the Oval to find Olivia camped out on Fitz' couch. He's dismayed to find that she has the President's ear and has already begun a campaign to remake Fitz' image. After she leaves, Cyrus confronts Fitz about calling off the FBI search for Rowan and Fitz replies that he's decided to go a different way.

Abby meets with a feminist icon who is receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom. All is not as it seems with this man whose book encouraged Abby to reach out for help in leaving her husband.

At OPA, Huck confronts Olivia about letting Rowan out of prison. He believes Rowan will bring back B613 but Olivia tells him OPA is out of the spy business. A woman named Hannah Taylor waits in her office. She needs help getting justice against her rapist, Frank Holland, the man receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom. After hearing Hannah's story, Olivia heads to the White House.

Abby meets with Liz North and learns that Sally Langston has offered her an exclusive interview regarding her time in the White House. She wants a job within the President's inner circle or she'll become a lover of liberty.

While Olivia is in the Oval Office, Jake comes in for a meeting with the President. He's Fitz' "different direction" in finding Rowan Pope. While Jake tries to get Fitz to think about why Rowan escaped, Olivia tries to steer the conversation towards Rowan's next steps. Fitz tries to excuse Olivia from the room but she demands to stay and learns that Jake plans to kill her father when he finds him.

Abby meets with Cyrus to tell him about Liz' ultimatum. Cyrus gets on the phone with David Rosen who calls Liz in for a meeting.

Olivia and Quinn meet with Frank Holland to ask him about Hannah Taylor. When Olivia lays out the allegations against him, the man calls the accusation insane. Hannah, as it turns out, plagiarized a paper for Holland's class, which makes her charge against Holland that much more difficult to prove. Quinn and Marcus go out to find more women Holland may have raped and hit the jackpot. 

David is unable to stop Liz from walking out of his office to give the interview with Sally Langston after she smells Cyrus Beene all over the plot. 

Olivia confronts Frank Holland and his wife and realizes that his wife has been pulling the strings the entire time. She refuses to let her husband speak and has complete control. Olivia tells Fitz, but there's nothing he can do. Cyrus comes in to tell him about Liz North and suggests Fitz call her himself to discuss their issues. Cyrus is unhappy to see Olivia in the Oval again. Olivia suggests Fitz let Liz go on the air, so he does.

Fitz made Liz North Susan's new Chief of Staff.

Liz stops by to see David Rosen and the two discover a mutual attraction. Susan Ross shows up with wine coolers and nearly interrupts their tryst.

Marcus and Olivia brainstorm ways to get justice for their client and decide to send Hannah and the rest of the women he raped into his book signing. He barely notices their entrance and just keeps reading. The women come together and recount their tales.

Cyrus confronts Olivia about her power inside the White House.

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

How does someone as brilliant, as accomplished as you, not know what you are, who you are?

Jake [to Olivia]

To Congress! May their heads one day depart from their asses!