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Olivia and Annalise struggled to agree on the terms of a deal, but eventually, Olivia decided it was a case she wanted to be part of. 

They visited with Fitz in his office, and he revealed he was on board for the case. Mellie decided against it, but she was still happy the case was going ahead. 

Quinn and Jake decided it was time to make Olivia pay and joined forces to make sure the case did not go ahead. That involved digging up some details on Justice Spivey. 

Quinn gave Jake the information, but later handed it over to Olivia because she realized she was being too nasty about the whole thing. 

Abby was happy because she wanted the pair to fix things. 

Michaela and Marcus hit it off, and before long, the pair indulged in a kiss. 

Annalise got ready to take her case higher, but realized she would need some of her favorite people by her side. 


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Scandal Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Ms. Pope, our country is in crisis. Together, we can fix it.


Your skin tone and your measurements aren’t the reason people don’t like you. It’s you. You’re a bully, Annalise.