Scandal Round Table: Was The Crossover Worthwhile?

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Annalise and Michaela showed up in Washington D.C. on Scandal Season 7 Episode 12, and it paved the way for a whole lot of drama. 

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Orlando, Lizzy Buczak and Paul Dailly discuss the big crossover, and what's next for the show. 

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Annalise and Michaela stopping by from How to Get Away with Murder?

Christine: I thought it was great to see some new blood on Scandal, and a real case that meant something. I also liked how neither Annalise nor Olivia would roll over for one another. They’re both strong, opinionated women who are willing to do absolutely anything to move their own agenda forward. 

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Lizzy: I know Shonda, and the writers said it was supposed to feel organic, but it felt so out-of-nowhere, especially since we jumped forward and Liv was now a teacher. Still, I enjoyed seeing these two women come together for the greater good, even if it felt like Liv was using the case as an opportunity to win back some credibility.

Paul: It worked really well, but I agree about the time jump. That was so random. I liked seeing the two worlds collide. 

Please! - Scandal Season 7 Episode 12

Did Olivia's tenacity in trying to help Annalise prove that there was still humanity left in her?

Christine: Maybe. I think she could see that this was an important cause with real lives on the line, but I also think Olivia simply has an overwhelming need to win and that this case could help put her back on top. I’m not sure which of these was the driving force for Olivia. 

Lizzy: Sort of. There were moments where glimpses of 'white hat' Olivia could be seen, but overall, Liv plays whatever game will elevate her and she saw the potential with this one.

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She knew it would help her image — people wouldn't keep seeing her as a monster. The fact that it also helped hundreds of African Americans was just a bonus. 

Paul: I think so. Olivia knew she needed the win, but I think she realized that Annalise was not emotionally stable and she wanted to make sure she lived up to the person she thought she was. 

What's Next? - Scandal Season 7 Episode 12

What do you think it will take for Mellie to forgive Olivia?

Christine: I’m not convinced that she will or that she should. Olivia betrayed her and knowingly took innocent lives. Olivia may have helped Mellie get elected, but it was more about Olivia Pope’s power and need to win. They might end up needing one another again, but I can’t see these two repairing their relationship anytime soon. 

Lizzy: I think that ship has sailed. Mellie realizes that Liv was never really in her corner. She helped her get elected and tried to steer ship because it was beneficial to her. She'd do it with whoever was in power, this time it just so happened to be Mellie. And Mellie is better off without her. Although, I do think Mellie getting in the way of the case simply to spite Liv was a little petty.

Paul: I have a feeling they will make up before the series is over. Something big has to happen to put these two back on good terms. 

Are Olivia and Mellie Friends? - Scandal Season 7 Episode 12

Were you surprised that Jake was so on board with getting the upper hand on Olivia?

Christine: No, not at all. Olivia made sure that Jake knew he meant nothing to her, and deep down, I think that hurt. Jake’s always had a soft spot for Liv, but you can only kick a dog so many times before it stops coming back for more. 

Lizzy: Nope. Jake has finally freed himself from Liv; he's done being her lap dog. Kick a dog multiple times, and he'll finally bite back, which is what Jake is doing.He's hurt because he was never anything more than a booty-call to her so he'll align with anyone who wants to destroy her. 

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Paul: Yeah, I figured Jake would roll over and let Olivia walk all over him. Just kidding, Jake is just as bad as Olivia. That's why they get on so well. 

This Is Not Right! - Scandal Season 7 Episode 12

Were you glad Quinn decided that she was acting out of revenge?

Christine: Yes. Quinn has every reason to want revenge against Olivia, but the price for that revenge would have been much too high. Quinn wanted QPA to be about justice, and this case was all about real justice. Once she could see past her own anger, Quinn made the right decision. 

Lizzy: Yes! I understand her desire to get back at Liv, but it shouldn't be at the expense of her company or hundreds of innocent people. The stakes were too high. She'll get her moment but not by risking the integrity of her company. QPA, unlike OPA, will be about justice. 

Paul: Yes! I was frustrated with Quinn for much of the episode because of the way she was acting. I mean, Olivia did not care about her being dead, but Quinn was going to take innocent people down with her revenge plan. 

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