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Olivia was taken to Vermont by Fitz, but it was all under false pretenses. 

The Gladiators awaited her arrival and locked her up until she decided to retire from her all-too-powerful job. 

Olivia retreated to a bedroom and locked herself in, but she tried to get the upper hand by manipulating everyone, but it didn't work. 

In the end, she decided to hand in her resignation, but she shocked everyone when she ditched her TV meeting to have sex with Jake and make fun of her pals. 

While Olivia was "missing," Jake tried to locate her, and had to go up against Mellie who found out everything about what happened with Rashad. 

In the end, Mellie turned Jake against Olivia, while Jake and Cyrus went to war about what was going to happen. 

Meanwhile, Charlie reacted in anger to Quinn putting him through the mill, but he came around to the idea of killing Olivia. 


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Scandal Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

After everything Fitz has done, after everything that’s been done in his name, he’s not going to get up on his soapbox and judge me, is he?


There isn’t a person in here who hasn’t had to get their hands a little bit dirty at one point or another. Isn’t that right, Abby? I know that Huck — of all people! — isn’t actually the one who’s calling me a monster right now.