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Quinn was kidnapped from the elevator at QPA and woke up in the basement. 

Rowan told her he would set her free in a few hours when he heard from Olivia, so she played along. 

Olivia did not want anything to do with it and acted like she knew everything, so Rowan stepped up his mission. 

He befriended a sales assistant at a DIY store under the guise of using his staff discount. However, Olivia took all of Rowan's guns, so he used his new friend to get guns for him. 

Rowan faked that he murdered Quinn, and she gave birth shortly after. 

When she came to, there were clothes in a room for all the way up to 24 months. This shocked her and she went to attack Rowan, but found Marv had been murdered. 

The pair bickered, but Quinn ultimately held the baby, and started scrubbing the floors. 

Elsewhere, Olivia called off the hit on her father because she thought Quinn had been "handled."

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