Schmigadoon! First Look
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We meet Melissa, an obstetrician, and Josh, a plastic surgeon, and see how they meet and their whirlwind romance. Breaking a candy machine is their first "magic" moment together and candy becomes their "thing".

One year later, Melissa makes a big toast to him at their anniversary dinner and is underwhelmed that he has little to say. However, the waitress comes by with a covered dessert tray at that moment and Josh has arranged to have a mountain of candy bars delivered as a romantic gesture.

Three years later, Melissa stays up late watching old musicals and eating candy while Josh sleeps. Her bedside table has a pile of relationship repair books.

Two months later, they are on a couples retreat in the woods. It doesn't go well and they are arguing in the rain when they suddenly hear bells.

They follow the sound and find a stone footbridge. They cross over it, through a fog bank, and find themselves in a surreal rural landscape of plastic plants and prop rocks. It's stopped raining.

They enter the town and orchestral music starts up, noticed immediately by Josh. The townsfolk perform the ensemble number "Schmigadoon!" which Melissa explains as a tourist performance.

Josh wants to leave immediately after the number but the mayor and his wife approach to welcome them. They refer them to the Schmigadoon Inn.

The Reverand and Mrs. Layton approach to introduce themselves. Mrs. Layton disapproves of their unmarried status and comments on their "exotic"ness.

As they walk to the Inn, Danny Bailey calls out to Melissa, offering her a free ride on the Tunnel of Love ride.

When they go to check-in, Mrs. Layton insists that they stay in separate rooms. Josh bristles but Melissa plays along and Harvey, the Innkeeper, charges them a dollar for the two rooms.

They make plans to meet at seven and go on the Tunnel of Love ride.

At seven, Melissa finds Josh asleep in his room and goes exploring on her own.

She meets Danny Bailey and he accuses her of trying to entice him. He performs the number "You Can't Tame Me"

Melissa thanks him for the performance and heads back to the inn.

In the morning, Josh apologizes while they wait to order breakfast. Betsy is their waitress and laughs uproariously at Josh's description that he slept like a log.

Betsy offers them corn pudding which they ask about and it triggers a townsfolk ensemble number, "Corn Puddin'".

Melissa even sings a verse.

Josh insists they leave when a reprise starts up.

When they reach the footbridge, they discover it leads back to Schmigadoon.

A leprechaun appears and sings the instructions to leave Schmigadoon. They must find true love in order to leave.

Melissa figures out the message and realizes that Schmigadoon is an actual musical. But they are still unable to leave and are confused by it.

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Schmigadoon! Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

What, so one kick and, apparently, MAGIC?


Josh: I usually give it a kick.
Melissa: Oh, really?
Josh: Yeah. Right there. I could do it for you if you'd like.
Melissa: Nah, I've been doing all my own kicking since third grade.