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In Scorpion Season 1 Episode 21, Toby and Sylvester try to repair what is left of Team Scorpion. Happy takes the more realistic approach. They have lost a third of their people, and it is time to start looking into other employment options. To make matters worse, no one can teach Walter.

After a hijacking a meeting, Happy gets the information to track Walter's car, and they find it balancing on the edge of a cliff. Walter's awake, and now the trick is not tipping the car over.

Toby and Happy handling the cops goes poorly, as in they end up in the back of a cop car. Thankfully, Sylvester gets a hold of Cabe, who is no longer with Homeland Security. The cops don't know that, so Cabe is able to boss them around to get them to listen to Team Scorpion.

After averting a fire, Walter ends up in another predicament. He was impaled, but it was a good thing because it was keeping him from bleeding out. A shift in the car caused Walter to no longer be impaled, and now he is bleeding out.

Toby managed to talk Walter through cauterizing the wound, and now Walter's fate is in the wings of a crow. If it flies off the car, Walter's done. As Cabe prepares to be lowered down to save Walter, Paige runs onto the scene with Ralph.

Walter will be okay, and Paige and Ralph are staying. All is right in the world. Wait, Cabe still doesn't work for Homeland Security. This might be an issue.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Can I please have a little emotional escapism while we trace his phone?


We're not going down without a fight. Isn't this worth it?