When you watch Scorpion Season 1 Episode 14 Online, you'll see Team Scorpion work closely with a former Secret Service agent in order to identify who is hacking a nuclear silo in Iceland.

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Watch Scorpion Season 1 Episode 14 Online to see Team Scorpion aid Homeland in identifying who is hacking a nuclear missile silo. It's never a boring day at the garage. After unclassifying the "need to know" information, Team Scorpion is on the case. In order to figure out who is hacking the silo, the team needs to track down the stolen football (briefcase) from sixteen years ago. The problem is that their best shot is a man named Bruce who was carrying the football when he was shot and it was stolen. They supercharge his and Cabe's brain to boost brain function. It works miracles on Cabe, and Bruce does remember a man with a blue finger jacking the football. Using the blue fingered man, the team gets Bruce to remember a telephone number. Well, the tones of a telephone number, but they get the actual number with a bit of work. The owner of the phone number has been indentified and located, and with less than ten minutes until nuclear missiles launch towards Russia, the team chases the suspect who is currently carrying the football. Oh, but he throws a wrench in that plan by tosses the briefcase onto train tracks with a train coming. Happy uses her skills to stop the train from running over the football, which would have pressed the button that would launch the missiles.

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On Scorpion Season 1 Episode 14, Team Scorpion works on figuring out who is hacking a nuclear missile silo. Their best bet is an injured former Secret Service agent, but the team will have to jog his memory.

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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

There's no such thing as luck only good science and math.


I call shenanigans and tomfoolery!