Watch Scorpion Season One Episode Four online to see what happens when team Scorpion takes on a private job in Vegas. After finishing the job, the casino Scorpion is at is the victim of a robbery, and Walter is arrested for it.

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When you watch Scorpion Season One Episode Four online, you'll see just how wrong it goes when team Scorpion takes a private job at a casino in Vegas. Once the job is done, the casino is robbed, and it really looks like Walter played a part in it. Even though Paige suggests calling Agent Gallo for help, Walter believes that they don't need the assistance of Homeland Security. Once Walter is gone, Scorpion begins to fall apart. Thankfully, Paige is there to keep everyone focused. She steps up and takes on Walter's role, well minus the computer skills. What's the best way to get bail money? Why at the casino, of course! Toby does the tables while Sylvester tackles sports. Happy and Paige focus on finding the evidence to get Walter out of jail. After Toby loses the bail money, he poses as Walter's lawyer to break the news to him. Things turn ugly, fast. Walter says that Toby losing all the money on one bet is typical, and he knew he couldn't count on Toby. After breaking into the casino to get access to computer files, Walter breaks out of prison, and Toby gets separated from the team. The team loses one member and gains another. Surprisingly, the night sky plays a hand in freeing Toby.

Episode Details

Scorpion Season One Episode Four centers on team Scorpion when they take on a private job in Vegas. Things immediately take a turn for the worst, and Scorpion ends up focusing on trying to clear Walter's name.

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0 (39 Votes)
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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm in because the only thing sweeter than winning cash will be winning it from you.


Maybe it's time we got some publicity on this.