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We're introduced to Dr. Maddox (Courteney Cox), Kelso's replacement for Chief of Medicine, who comes with an infectious smilie and seems friendly at first, but is definitely a jerk deep down inside.   We find out Dr. Cox is a too exhaustedto fight yet another Chief of Medicine.

Elliot, meanwhile, finally realizes how much she hurt Keith and continues to do so as she makes fun of him for her ending their engagement.  She actually gave a heart felt apology.  We're glad to see Keith get a proper ending.

Ted looks more pathetic than ever this season as he joked about suicide.

The Janitor gets fired when Dr. Maddox witnesses him tripping J.D.  Also very funny when she asks what his name is and he just says you must be new here.  Great stuff.  There's a replacement janitor but we're sure that won't last.

Kelso is still around as they show him still hanging out at the Coffee Bucks daily.

We're interested to the interns including the heartless Denise, Ed the text messager, and Katie, the obvious replacement for Eliott.  There's a few more but we don't really remember them.

J.D., meanwhile is getting sick of leading the interns around and finally has a nice conversation with Cox in which they're equals.

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Scrubs Season 8 Episode 1 Quotes

Dr. Maddox: (Looking in Ted's briefcase) Hey, how come all you have in here is a smiley face button and a revolver?
Ted:'s in case I get sad and...the other one's in case I get really sad.
Dr. Maddox: Well! See you tomorrow.
Ted: We'll see.

J.D.: So, this intern you mentioned earlier, I'm sure eventually he turned into a pretty amazing doctor, didn't he?
Dr. Cox: Actually, it was a she.
J.D.: It wasn't me?
Dr. Cox: Oh, no, it was you. It was you.