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Tensions run high as the SEAL Team enters a Yemeni house to locate a cell phone linked to a terrorist attack. While at the house, they interrogate the family who lives there as the daughter lies in critical condition after being accidentally shot.

Clay, who accidentally shot the girl, is shaken by the experience and Jason talks to him to calm him down. 

The SEALs start to wonder if their intel was wrong, and worry that they may be at the wrong address after not being able to get any information out of the family. 

Meanwhile, Mandy, Lisa and Lt. Blackburn have to deal with an impatient general who is more concerned about being proven right than the fate of the wounded girl and her family.

Mandy finds out that Lisa has applied to officer candidate training and congratulates her. Lisa was trying to keep it a secret because she knows the negative feelings many of the SEALs have toward officers, and the general's behavior isn't helping. Mandy assures her that she knows Lisa woulld be a good officer.

Later on, Lt. Blackburn stands up to the obnoxious general and shows Lisa a good example of what an honorable officer looks like.

Sonny talks to the son of the detained family and the boy shows leads him to the hidden phone, which they find out belongs to the wounded daughter. She admits to being part of the terrorist network, and it turns out that she became committed to the cause after her friend was killed by a US drone strike.

The sorrowful family watches as the SEALs leave with the girl, shocked to realize their daughter was a terrorist.

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