What Went Wrong - SEAL Team
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Jason walks through the hospital -- all of his team are injured and we don't know why.

We learn an RPG could have brought a building down, and Clay sets off on a mission to ask everyone what they remember.

He can't speak to Trent because he's in a medically induced coma.

Jason tells him two very different takes on what went down, before Jason says he didn't.

Clay keeps a recording of all the conversations and works on the map to work out what happened.

He concedes that Jason told them there were no EODs in the building, meaning it exploded when impacted with other things.

The doctor tells Jason he has a TBI and wants to do more tests, but it's all too much, and Jason leaves the hospital.

He looks at Clay and they both leave, seemingly quashing everything between them.

A part of what happened threatens to derail the team.

Trent comes out of his coma and is going to be fine.

Davis goes to try to work on a piece to show the injustice of the war in Afghanistan but command tells her that it could be the undoing of her career.

She's left pondering whether to go further into the plan, or just to leave it.

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SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Where's your cane?


Ray: You're supposed to be staying off that knee. Doc's pretty confident Trent's going to pull through, Jase. You've earned some rest.
Jason: Complete mission failure. That earns me nothing.