When in Venezuela - SEAL Team
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Jason is facing a new threat and wondering about what it means for his team.

He tells Clay he's sorry for the way he acted and sets out to make things right with the team.

He tells them everything, and Sonny tries to get through to Clay that his decision was heroic.

Clay doesn't want to hear it.

The team wants to get this last mission in Venezuela completed and to press on with their lives.

They head into the textile factory with a plan of attack.

Unfortunately, things take a devastating turn when Sonny realizes they need nine charges and they only have eight.

Jason makes a heroic move to fix things by saying he will take the truck and ram it into the extra pillar.

It works, but they need to make a quick getaway and Davis is on hand to help.

The tension builds when the police shows up and they are all caught up.

Jason is ready to move on, but he knows there's something else at play.

He's worried command take his stripes away from him.

How far will he go to get answers?

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SEAL Team Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Jason: You really didn't do all that research on that TBI treatment for me, did you? Or was that all just a bunch of bullshit?
Clay: It's all real.

Jason: I'm grateful, though, that you read up on all of that stuff for me, though.
Clay: Well, if it keeps you operating any longer, then we're all grateful. You know I wasn't trying to push you out, right?
Jason: Yeah, sorry I called you arrogant.
Clay: You call me arrogant for a lot of things.
Jason: That's 'cause you are arrogant, man.