Reunited at a Cost - SEAL Team
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Bravo team is still trying to come to terms with what happened.

It's three months later and Clay is adjusting to life again, while Sonny makes sure to stick around for him.

Clay struggles to walk and spends the episode trying to make a breakthrough.

He gets to that point.

Jason and Mandy chat about the fate of Bravo Team, while Mandy reveals she has an exciting new job.

She offers to not go and stay with Jason longer, something that Jason will not hear of.

Things take a turn when Bravo team is deployed following an attack.

Trent almost dies because his oxygen tank is broken, but the team manages to save themselves and escape.

Davis is dead set on getting some answers about what happened, but she's pushed in a very different direction.

Jason tells Davis that he needs answers and she says that Bravo Team might be phased out because of all the big bust-ups.


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