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Cassie goes in to Jake's memory this week and the both of them revisit the scene on the docks 16 years ago. What does Cassie learn there?

The witches were killed by the witch hunters, who were aiming to kill Cassie's father above all. But John Blackwell's dark magic was too strong and he sent the fire back upon the witches, setting the entire pier ablaze. But John escape and i apparently alive! In the flashback, Cassie also noticed that her dad used a medallion to stave off the attack. In present day, she recovered it.

So now we know the witch hunters started the fire, something that may truly turn Jake toward the side of good because he had been told differently by Isaac.


- Callum, a friend of Lee's, gave drugs to Faye that are supposedly some kind of cool herbal substance. Non-addictive, he said, though Lee's ex, Eva, got in trouble by taking too many.

- Ethan, who we learned lied about being at the pier back in the day, took control of the crystal after confronting and beating up Charles.

The Secret Circle
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