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Ben is contemplating whether to buy a gun after Scott breaking into the house.

A guy in the gun shop is says he hopes Ben is buying the gun to kill himself.

Dave goes out to the news reporters and makes a joke.

Ben looks jealous as Christy goes out dressed up.

Ben runs over to Jess' house.

Scott is caught by the police.

Abby wants to put christmas lights up, but Ben refuses because the neighborhood is grieving. He agrees to let her put them inside the house.

In flashbacks we see Ben comforting Tom when he is scared to tell his mom he is frightened.

Ben goes to get a ladder and finds his flashlight in his car. He is horrified to find blood on it and is startled to when Christy interrupts him. He hides it away.

Abby gets in a fight at the christmas party because a boy calls Ben a baby killer.

Ben goes for a run and on his way back sees Christy letting Detective Cornell in the garage. When he catches up, he finds them looking for a receipt for the flashlight to eliminate him as a suspect. Christy lets Andrea take the receipts away with her.

Ben is arguing with Christy about letting Andrea into everything.

Ben hides the flashlight as a gift under the christmas tree.

Ben finally gets a job and the person he is working for only wants to talk about Tom's death.

Ben is taking a panic attack and having flashes of the crime scene.

Ben goes to Tom's grave with a bell and speaks about a gift he had him for christmas.

Scott shows up at the grave and gets ready for a confrontation, but Ben manages to talk him down.

Ben runs straight to Jess saying that Scott had an alibi.

Ben goes home and notices Christy has new underwear and a pregnancy test.

Ben quickly pulls up Christy, but she tries to deflect the situation. She tries to leave, but Ben refuses and makes her talk about it. She leaves.

Ben confides in Dave about the flashlight.  Dave offers to get rid of it, but Ben says it is all taken care of.  Ben tries to figure out who the pregnancy test belonged to.

Ben rushes in when Dave suggests Natalie and rushes in to find she has went to Coppers party.

Abby helps find her by checking Natalie's laptop for the address of the party.

Ben rushes in and pulls a guy off Natalie. The guy punches Ben and he threatens him to stay away from Natalie. Natalie refuses to leave and Ben screams at her to get outside. She asks if he is going to kill her too.

Natalie refuses to get in a car with Ben, so he walks with Abby while Dave drives Natalie.

Andrea shows up and asks questions about the video. Ben goes to get Dave and realizes that Dave could have slept with Natalie. He goes crazy and throws him out of the house.

Andrea happily invites him to go with her for something to eat.

Secrets and Lies
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Secrets and Lies Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Ben: Christy, I'm sorry.
Christy: For knocking up Jess, or letting me find out on TV?

As long as Scott is free, my family isn't safe.