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Cornell interviews Natalie. It becomes apparent that Natalie wasn't watching him the night leading to his death. Vanessa watched him and covered for her. Cornell leaves.

Christy is concerned that Natalie is a suspect. Ben disagrees and tells her that she isn't and heads over to Vanessa's and argues with her. It turns out she had a son who was taken from her and is upset. Ben finds pictures and a police report about a young boy.

Ben goes to see the doctor about his cuts and has a flashback about Tom and Abby fishing. The doctor is Joseph, and Ben tries to get information that he can use to his advantage.

Abby is with Tom at work while his employer argues with his ex, Chloe over the telephone.  Abby barges in and reveals she knew about the lie detector. Ben gives her in trouble and tells her not to repeat it.

Ben is looking at the pictures of the boy and the police report and finds that Joseph changed his surname and was fired from his previous job for sexual misconduct. Ben continues to get information on Joseph and finds out that Vanessa could have been involved too.

Cornell creeps up on Ben as he is trying to get Joseph investigated. Cornell comments that everyone lies and that even Natalie does. She wasn't with Cooper the night of the concert. She tells him to ask Dave.

Ben goes to Dave's moms and speaks to him about the concert. Dave says that Cooper flaked at the last minute and asked him to accompany her. Dave comments that he held Natalie in her arms when she was born and it sickens him that Ben would think he'd hurt her in that way and tells him to leave.

Ben asks Christy if home pregnancy tests are accurate. They want Natalie to get it over with so they can all move on. Christy says that Joe and Vanessa have invited them both over for dinner, but Ben says he won't be over them lying in time to go to the house.

With a nudge from his boss, Ben changes his mind about the dinner party in order to find some evidence about Joseph and Vanessa.

At the dinner party, we find out that Ben and Christy first met in junior year of college when Christy found him working as a waiter. Ben goes snooping in Joseph's office and is caught, causing a big scene in front of all the guests, while Christy looks on in horror.

Vanessa shows up at the Crawford's door and says that their son bruised easy and social services thought they were hitting him. Natalie confirms that Dave didn't do anything.

Joseph and Vanessa have the same mother and Ben's boss is a journalist who is threatening to publish the story and is trying to get Ben to give him another story in return. Ben tries to warn them, but they aren't in sight.

Ben makes it up with Dave.

Cornell shows up and implies that Ben called Jess when he was drunk the night of Tom's death. He denies this and then Cornell reveals he dialed the number with a few digits wrong and left a startling voicemail.

Secrets and Lies
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Secrets and Lies Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Did you know Tom was yours?


Cornell: Mr Crawford.
Ben: I was just starting to miss you.
Cornell: Shame. I'm not here for you.