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Ben is hammering Jess' door, but she doesn't answer.  Cornell calls and asks him if he raped Jess. He runs over to her house and screams for his daughter, but the police burst in.

Abby is fine. She went a walk and returned home.  Cornell brings the evidence in to him and lets him leave. She knows he is innocent.

Ben speaks to Christy on the phone and then has a beer with Dave.

Cornell is questioning Jess and offers to take her to the hospital to be examined.

Cornell agrees that someone is trying to frame Jess.

Christy takes the kids home to Ben for Christmas.

Ben finds Abby's bloody sneakers. Abby and Tom were running away.  Tom runs away from Abby and she hits him over the head with the flashlight. He is unresponsive. She screams for help.

Christy and Ben wonder what to do with the news, but Natalie wants the police involved. Ben gets Christy ready to take the girls away, but Natalie refuses.

Abby doesn't want to leave without Ben. Ben drops Natalie off at Michael's house to stay.

Ben confesses to the murder. His lawyer shows up and says he can't let him do it because he knows he isn't the killer. Ben fires him.

Cornell tries to give him a chance.




Secrets and Lies
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Secrets and Lies Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

She's got my daughter. She has Abby. The woman is deranged.


Mr Crawford, did you rape Jess Murphy?