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Eric Warner is celebrating a new promotion. He's finally taking the reigns from his father and running the family firm, but the party is interrupted when his wife falls from a twelve story building.

He finds her and holds her until the police come. Detective Cornell quickly figures out that Kate Warne didn't commit suicide but that she was probably murdered.

Eric's father and his sister, who happens to be an attorney, spends a great deal of time trying to keep Eric away from Detective Cornell, because they know her reputation for putting away the wrong people, and also know that he's the primary suspect.

Eric reveals that his Kate was pregnant. 

Eric finds out that Kate had a secret P.O. Box. She also had an IPad that no else knew about that's password protected, and it's later revealed after that autopsy report that Kate had previously gave birth to a full term infant. 

Eric is reeling as he tries to figure out how much he knows about his wife.

Detective Cornell is already treating Eric like he's her primary suspect. She's interviewing employees and digging into all of their lives. 

It's revealed that Kate and and Eric quickly got married, after having an elicit fair they tried to keep quiet at the firm. Kate used to go to law school with Eric's sister and was her best friend. 

Eric's sister is having marital issues and physically appears to be off. 

Detective Cornell thinks she can get over on the Warner family but learns that John Warner has connections all over including the coroner's office, and it may make her job a bit more difficult.

Detective Cornell reveals that Eric was in a juvenile detention facility for killing a man, which  makes her suspect that he killed his wife even more.

Secrets and Lies
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Secrets and Lies Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Are you asking if Kate jumped?


Eric: She's my wife.
Det. Cornell: She's also my victim.