Karen Gillian as Eliza and John Cho as Henry - Selfie
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Social media sensation Eliza Dooley has 263k followers on social media. After embarrassing herself in front of all her coworkers and getting sick she realizes she doesn't have a single friend to come and comfort her. Her social media friends did not translate to real life. 

She enlists the help of her coworker Henry Higgs to fix her and he agrees to rise up to the challenge. 

Eliza's first lesson is to learn how to actually have a conversation with someone in a non self-obsessed way, which proves to be more difficult than it sounds. 

The real test comes when Eliza has to dress appropriately to go with Henry as his much needed date to the pair's boss's daughter's wedding. 

At the wedding Eliza distracts herself by playing a game on her phone. Unfortunately, she forgets to put it on silent and the whole ceremony is disrupted right in the middle of the vows. 

Henry is embarrassed and furious and the two have their first falling out. 

Later that night Eliza has a real conversation with the reception woman at her work and realizes that Henry's lessons were starting to work. She goes to his house in the rain and the two say their apologies, jump into the rain and are last scene going inside to have some tea and dry off. 


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