Selfie Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Pilot

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The world's latest work inspired by My Fair Lady kicked off tonight with a social media fanatic in place of the original, working class Eliza. 

On Selfie Season 1 Episode 1 this show proved that -- although having sometimes shallow jokes -- it has some serious heart! The pilot went beyond being relatable to anyone who has ever found themselves outside of their social element.

Selfie so far seems to offer us a chance to explore links between social media and how it impacts what we understand as social relevance. 

If viewers weren't able to connect to Henry and Eliza as characters, I think they will at least be able to recognize this social media phenomenon in their own lives. I know I certainly did! 

It all began with one of the longest throw-up scenes that I have ever had the strength and sick sense of Wow, that's entertainment pleasure! to sit through. I can't imagine Eliza's embarrassment of having all of your coworkers know you were going after their married coworker. Then to have the whole affair end with your rejection throw-up spilling on your dress and heels! I knew you couldn't trust those airplane bags! 

The scene did, however, set Eliza up for her epiphany realizing that she had no true friends to comfort her in the wake of this social suicide scandal. 

Luckily for Eliza, she finds some inspiration in the company staff meeting. Points to her, as well, as she may be the first person in the world to experience this -- although that man-on-man strange make-out would have probably inspired something in most people. But Eliza is probably right in that if Henry can save a nasal spray that causes satanic hallucinations, he can probably fix Eliza too! 

Its under these circumstances that the plot of My Fair Lady really comes to life, and the duo start to work together to turn this social media "sensation" into a real person! 

The big test for Eliza comes with finding something appropriate to wear to the wedding. A fine line that I am sure many people struggle with, but in Eliza's case her leather skirts and makeup really really would not cut it. Who does she have to rely on but her #nailart #non-prescription prescription glasses #peter pan collar # cross body bag wearing neighbor, who agrees to help on account of make-downs being her specialty. An obvious hatred play at hipsters, but I guess ill take it since there were hashtags involved. 

When Bryn and the rest of the book club gang come over to Eliza's apartment we basically have a situation where a bunch of oranges are meeting an apple. As a lot of friendships goes this actually works out and Eliza begins to see the light. Not to mention post-makeover Eliza is a stunner! Also, clearly the first hints of a romance between Henry and Eliza emerge. 

As I suspected there was a falling out and a make up between the two leads by the end of the episode. But there were a couple of aspects of this that I really enjoyed. 

Eliza reacted to the overwhelming amount of emotions she was feeling in the church by doing what a lot of us do -- hide your feelings and bust out your phone as a distraction! Understandable, but we all have experience now and know to turn down the volume.

The first fight between the two was cute and comical with the words failure and coxcomb being thrown around. Eliza also showed her social media savvy but calling out Henry's Ex's blog on how self-righteous and neurotic he is. 

First, the idea that all of Henry's business is out there like that is all to real. Second, for those that watched Gossip Girl is Henry another version of Dan Humphrey??

I was glad to see genuine smiles between these two and some more natural chemistry at the end. As I am sure a lot of us expected, it appears Eliza is slowly becoming a more aware person and Henry seems to be trying not to be a total coxcomb. 

Eliza: That scared me and I lashed out and called you a coxcomb. Which is probably an incorrect use of the word.
Henry: No I looked it up. It's archaic but it's dead on.

Apparently the word refers to a man overly concerned with his appearance in 17th century England. A nod to the play and evidently the perfect word for this character! 

I went into the episode with skepticism about the plot, but was intrigued by the idea of how far this show could go. I can't see it following the play strictly beyond the first season. 

What did you think of this pilot episode? What do you think of the adaptation of My Fair Lady? Do you think the characters are interesting? Any predictions for the developments with the characters? 

Go ahead and watch Selfie online in case you missed the opener.

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