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The show starts off with Henry and Eliza sitting on a bench talking about the pros and cons of having online haters. 

Henry catches Eliza flirting with a coworker and confronts her about how she acts with men.

Eliza and Henry have a meeting in his office about Eliza changing her ways. 

Eliza then asks her neighbor, Bryn, if she can join her book club so she can have her own interests. 

Meanwhile, Henry discovers the greatness that is Facebook and spends the entire night in the office. 

Eliza attends the book club meeting, but the others discover that she did not read the book. 

Henry walks in during the book club and needs Eliza's help un-tagging himself in a post. 

Henry then goes over to his ex-girlfriend's house to apologize for tagging himself in her picture. He then has a realization that all of his friends are either married or having children, while he is still alone.

Eliza is in an ice cream shop contemplating what to do about Freddy. She decides to go meet him, but is hit by a car on her way over. 

Eliza ends up in the hospital and both Henry and Freddy come to see her. 


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Selfie Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Eliza: Guy's love it when you laugh at their jokes. It makes them feel powerful.
Henry: President. Like that guy could be president.
Eliza: You're right. You are so smart. You should be on the supreme court.

Henry: According to Facebook everyone is married and having kids. When did that happen?
Ex: Probably when you were in the office.