Julian and the Uncle - Servant
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Leanne found herself questioning everything after Dorothy tries to welcome her back into the house and be nice to her.

But Leanne schemes and gets close to Tobe again.

Leanne wants to know why Sean hasn't told Dorothy anything.

A turning point arrives when Leanne sends a note with a ransom on it for the family to go to the mall with $200k

She is left in the house with Julian and Tobe, and Julian figures everything out about what's happening.

He sends Tobe home.

At the mall, Roscoe is watching to see that everything is fine, but Sean and Dorothy are surprised to be stopped by George.

George returns home with them and asks where Leanne is.

She's in the loft, eating a porcelain baby out of the cake and complaining about Dorothy.

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Servant Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Home. Now.


George: Where is she?
Julian: Upstairs.

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