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Will Leanne bring danger to the Turner household?

Servant Season 2 Episode 5 was another tediously slow installment, but the conclusion packed a punch that might just steer the show in the right direction.

Leanne is perfectly aware that Dorothy is slowly transforming into a monster, which explains why Leanne is making these bizarre moves to assert her power.

Julian and the Uncle - Servant

Leanne has always been adamant about Dorothy learning the truth about what happened to Jericho, and it seems she has now taken it upon herself to make Dorothy's life a living hell.

Then again, Dorothy tried to kill Leanne on Servant Season 2 Episode 4, so it seems like we are beyond the point of redemption for Dorothy.

Leanne is now using mental warfare to mess with the Turners, and the fake ransom note included with the order of the porcelain baby was actually a well thought out plan.

Doroty Looks at the Cut - Servant Season 2 Episode 5

Leanne had to get the small baby into the house to enact her plan, but she also had to find a way to take the attention away from what she needed.

May Markham and her people demanding $200,000 for the safe return of Jericho was not out of the realm of possibility, and in hindsight, it was actually comical to see how the Turners reacted.

They're holding Leanne against her will, and while Sean has tried to be nice to Leanne, he's also enabling Dorothy's toxic behavior, something that will come back to bite him when Leanne doles out her revenge.

The harrowing part of this ordeal is that we don't fully know the extent of Leanne's powers. They have slowly intensified, and I don't expect everyone to make it out of this scenario alive.

The Cut - Servant Season 2 Episode 5

We need to find out more about Leanne's endgame. We know she wants to harm Dorothy, but what about after she's done with the Turners?

Will her powers force her to turn to a life of being wicked, or will she be able to suppress that part of herself and try to move on?

There are so many unanswered questions, and that's part of the reason why Servant Season 2 has been such a drag. But, the return of George should help matters somewhat.

George warned the Turners about Leanne before, but his motives have never fully been explored. He's more of an enigma than anything else.

Tobe at Breakfast - Servant Season 2 Episode 5

It's entirely possible that George is not evil and that he's only played along with May to survive, but we need to hear that from him to rule him an innocent bystander.

Leanne stealing Dorothy's dress and putting it on the mannequin certainly made it seem like she was doing something that would hurt Dorothy, or maybe she was merely trying to suppress Dorothy's rage.

The Turners bringing Tobe back into the house was ridiculous. Tobe is easily manipulated, but surely he now knows enough to go to the police.

He's witnessed the signs of physical abuse Leanne has endured, as well as the fact that she's being locked up at certain times of the day.

Sean Cooks - Servant Season 2 Episode 5

His concern will be what's going to happen to Leanne now that she has been caught lying. Will he be able to get through to the Turners or make anyone believe something is amiss?

The detective seemed confused about what was going on in the house on Servant Season 2 Episode 1, so it would be nice if she was brought back to investigate.

The bigger issue with this particular installment was that it was all set up until the final few minutes. Pretty Little Liars did a similar thing for seven seasons, and it was a real drag.

Servant is still very early into its run, and the characters are doing stupid things to advance the plot. This is unfortunate because the freshman season managed to bring the thrills and the chills without trying too hard.

Leanne Ponders - Servant Season 2 Episode 5

Now that we're headed into the back half of Servant Season 2, it would be nice to dial up the intrigue because this will make or break whether people will want to tune in to future seasons.

Servant Season 3 is a go, but it's hard to be enamored by the news when the plot is going nowhere on a weekly basis.

What do you think of it all, Servant fans? Do you think there's a way for the show to get back in good standing, or is the magic gone?

Hit the comments below.

Servant Season 2 airs new episodes every Friday on Apple TV+.

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