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Wozniak knows there’s a rat on his team and he wants Harlee to help him find out who it is and kill it because she’s the only one he trusts. Later, while alone, Harlee talks into the listening device in her pendant and tells the FBI that they’ve screwed up and they are going to get her killed. Then she smashes the pendant.

There’s a drive by shooting at a liquor store where Woz’s crew offers protection and two more liquors were shot up ten minutes before this one. Woz wants his crew working 24/7 to find the shooter but sidelines Loman at a donut shop. Loman ends up finding surveillance video that breaks the case but he’s still having doubts about the shooting from the week before. 

Woz’s buddy in Internal Affairs encourages him to take a hard look at Harlee as well as the rest of the team. When an old case is up for review because the public defender was using drugs, Woz reviews interviews with Harlee as a uniformed officer ten years ago when Miguel Zepeda accused her of setting him up for murder. Turns out Zepeda was her boyfriend who used to beat her. He was sent to prison for grand theft auto for six years just when she found out she was pregnant with Cristina. When he got out, Zepeda starting stalking Cristina so Harlee, now a cop, planted a weapon on him and he was convicted of murder. Woz figured out what she had done and covered for her. That’s when their association began. 

Harlee tries to back out of the deal with the FBI but Agent Stahl, with his new partner Special Agent Molly Chen, put her in cuffs and threaten to arrest her at her own precinct. Harlee relents and says she’ll follow their protocols but Stahl’s boss and Chen have their doubts about this operation. 

Harlee suggests that Woz polygraph the crew about payments and then ask about the FBI informant. Instead he decides to only polygraph Harlee and clear her first. Harlee burns herself on the tea kettle beforehand in the hopes that the intense pain will mask her results. She passed the test but he notices a tell she has, where she pushes her hair back behind her ear when she’s lying. She did just that when he asked about her being an informant and he becomes suspicious.  

Tess decides to spy on her husband to find out if he’s cheating on her. She accuses Amber, a waitress at a bar of having sex with her husband last night and then slams a glass into her face. Her partner has to pull her away. 


Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

The decent part of this person, the part that wants to be discovered is going to reveal itself.


We're cops, agitation comes with the job.