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Agent Gail Baker gives Agent Stahl and Harlee one more day to get more information on Woz’s operation or else the FBI will arrest Harlee. 

Miguel Zepeda, Harlee’s ex and Cristina’s father is looking for a retrial based on ineffective council. Harlee is terrified because she doctored the evidence that sent him away for murder. Cristina doesn’t know that Zepeda is her father. Harlee asks Woz to take care of Cristina if anything happens to her. 

Stahl wants Harlee to get Woz’s little black book in which he keeps names and numbers of people with which he does business. As she’s about to get it, she waffles and the ADA walks in. She offers to help him with the files but fails to put the key to Woz’s files back. He notices the drawer is open when he returns. 

Harlee tells Woz she needed the key to make copies of files that the ADA needed but Woz checks up and finds out she’s lying. He tells his buddy in Internal Affairs, Donnie that he believes Harlee’s the mole and plans to take care of it tonight. Then the two men kiss.

Tess finds a body in her backyard and moves it because she doesn’t want it to affect the resale value of her home. She thinks it’s some gang banger but it’s actually an NYU student whose father is on the board of a local mosque. Harlee tries to help Tess figure out what happened. Harlee offers the FBI a possible hate crime to buy some time.

Harlee and Tess realize that the victim was killed by his own ricochet from a plastic gun. They believe the victim’s roommate made the gun on a 3D printer but they can’t arrest him without turning in Tess. They say they’ll let it go but then pursue it anyway and find the printer and a stash of plastic guns. Harlee handcuffs the roommate to the bed and then tells Stahl where to find him and his stash of plastic guns. 

Stahl finds out Harlee is meeting Woz and forces her to wear a wire. 

Woz confronts Harlee but she says she lied to him about the files because she was really checking on Loman’s psych evaluation because he’s been acting strange after the shooting. When Woz brings up Harlee’s tell, where she pushes her hair behind her ear, she says she’s been doing that since kindergarten. 

Harlee tells Woz to check her for a wire. She gives him her purse and even pulls down the top of her dress. Woz is embarrassed and tells her to put it back on. He never sees the listening device strapped to her back. 

Loman stops at a car wash that’s raising funds for the man that he shot and killed. The guilt is eating away at him as he gets closer to the man’s family.

In order to get the ADA on her side on the Zepeda case, Harlee goes out on a date but when she has to cut it short, she later goes to his home. The two have sex while Stahl listens in on the wire that she stuffed in her purse.

Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Stuart: Six years as a Marine. Twenty-five years on the force. Your gut is the reason you're still alive. What does it say?
Woz: That you can't take back a bullet.

You have the right to shut the hell up.