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Jace wakes up Clary after she's having drowning nightmare. She wants to find her brother and gets the idea to use Jonathan's childhood keepsakes to find him. However, he has already stolen the items and burns them.

Alec reveals to Jace and Clary that the Soul Sword is missing. They're worried that if the Mortal Sword is reunited with the Cup AND the Mirror, it could summon an ancient angel. Valentine would be able to get any wish granted.

Izzy trains Max, but she's worried that her brother isn't ready for his first mission. Alec disagrees.

Valentine and Jonathan go to Cleophas to activate the power of the Soul Sword. It cannot be done. They visit a warlock shop owner to find the Mortal Mirror and start a fight.

Magnus surprises Alec with a late dinner.

Simon asks Maia out on a date; she turns him down. Maia only wants to be friends with him.

Elliot the warlock commits suicide instead of allowing Valentine and Jonathan to hold him prisoner. Before he dies, he performs a spell that makes his mark disappear. The mark appears on Dot's arm.

Dot heads to the Institute for protection. The lines on her tattoo mark indicate lines in the city that will lead to the location of the Mortal Mirror. Clary and Jace investigate the area; she realizes Jonathan did it.

Cleophas tries to escape, but she's apprehended again. Meanwhile, Jonathan warns Valentine that Dot is the latest owner of the Mirror mark.

Cleophas's fire message warned Luke that Valentine had the Soul Sword. Magnus can't believe that Alec didn't tell him that the Sword was stolen.

Izzy tells Simon to keep fighting for Maia. She secretly talks with Maia and tells her to give it a shot.

Jonathan and Clary have a heart-to-heart about her feelings. He is overcome with emotions and kisses her.

Magnus is mad over Alec withholding the truth from him. He leaves after confronting Alec over his lies and pressures Luke into reaching out to the Seelie Queen.

Dot finds the Mortal Mirror in the park. Jonathan (in burned form) arrives to steal the Mirror, but Dot forces Jace and Clary to leave by portal to protect it.

Izzy approves of Max's training and allows him to head out on his first mission.

Maia agrees to go on a date with Simon.

Clary looks into the Mirror and relives her dream. It's not a dream but a vision of what's to come.

Max uses a single hair from the box to discover that Sebastian is actually Jonathan.

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Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Isabelle: You're not sending our little brother out into the field!
Alec: You know better than anyone how good Max is. His simulation scores are off the charts.
Isabelle: That's a simulation; I'm talking about the real world.
Alec: Max has had his Rune ceremony. It's standard to get orders after that, just like we did when we were his age.
Isabelle: it was different back then. We weren't fighting Valentine.
Alec: Izzy...
Isabelle: You weren't there that night with Kayleigh. He came this close to dying.
Alec: Max is a soldier. It's time we start treating him like one.

Jonathan: My sister is different.
Valentine: Yes, she is. If you had the chance to meet Clarissa, spend some time with her.
Jonathan: So, you're acting like I'll never see her again?
Valentine: Of course you will. You have my word. One day we will all be together as a family. But right now...right now I need you to trust me.
Jonathan: Trust you? It goes both ways.
[Pulls out Valentine's dagger]
Jonathan: I found this under your pillow.
Valentine: Force of habit...that's all.
Jonathan: Is it?
Valentine: I'm a wanted man, I must always be prepared. Soon I will no longer be regarded as the enemy; I will be seen as a hero. So will you. Isn't that what you want?
Jonathan: Yes. Yes, it is.
Valentine: Good. We're gonna achieve great things, Jonathan.