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Alec is determined to find a way to get Magnus back from Edom. 

Lilith asks Magnus to open a rift so she can kill Jonathan, but he refuses. 

Maia and Simon make a speech about Jordan. 

Simon and Isabelle kiss, and she suddenly catches on fire. 

After being diagnosed by Helen Blackthorn, Isabelle discovers she has Heavenly Fire in her blood from Glorious. If she keeps making contact with Downworlders, including Simon, it will kill her. 

Jonathan forms an alliance with the Seelie Queen. 

Isabelle goes to Edom by herself to save Magnus, hoping that the Heavenly Fire will protect her. 

Simon, Clary, Alec, Jace, Lorenzo, and Meliorn, connect themselves to each other and go to Edom to find Magnus and Izzy. They are seperated when they transport there. 

Jace and Meliorn fight a demon and find Isabelle. Jace is connected to a Seelie and cannot lie, so he keeps accidentally revealing truths. 

Luke is turned into a Shadowhunter by the Praetor. 

Alec finds Magnus and tells him that he's never leaving his side again. 

Jace and Meliorn warn Isabelle not to use her Heavenly Fire on Lilith as it could kill her. The three head towards her home to fight her. 

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

I was thinking...life is too precious to waste any time on stupid things like pinky swears.


I'm never leaving you again.