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Frank becomes a gay rights activist after going on a tirade in front of a local news station over his lack of domestic partnership benefits. He later is offered a job as the face of the gay rights movement.

Fiona starts working as a temp for a company and is able to convince one of the bigger clients to come back, in the typical Gallagher way of course, but her work does put her in the sights of her supervisor, Mike Pratt.

Mandy tries to convince Lip to get over Karen. Lip realizes how much Mandy has done for him after the MIT interviewer comes to his door and interviews him. He's decides to break up with Karen and be with Mandy full time. Later that night Mandy runs over Karen in her car.

Ian learns that the whore Mickey was forced to have sex with is pregnant and he's going to marry her. Ian confronts Mickey and he beats him to a pulp.

Debbie and Sheila spend the day together and Debbie helps Sheila over her depression.

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Shameless Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Sheila, I've seen crazy and I've seen bad for kids. You aren't either of those things you're super nice.


Mickey: What'd ya hit?
Mandy: A girl at school.
Mickey: Don't forget to check for hair behind the grill.