As long as it's under a dollar, they don't care what we charge them.


Waitress: Your boy is in bad shape.
Sierra: He's not my boy.

If you want to piss away every single chance that comes your way, that's your problem, but don't drag me into it.


Liam: I'm doing CPT.
Fiona: CPT?
Liam: Coloured people time.

Nobody takes my fucking granddaughter.


Liam: Who are you?
Monica: I'm Monica. I'm mom.

I'm a good mom. I would never do half the shit that you've done to us. Why are you even here?


Deb, oh my God. You're a woman.


Monica: Do you wanna talk for a minute?
Fiona: Nope.

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Monica: At least turn around and look at me.
Frank: Go fuck yourself.

Monica: Frank, it's me baby.
Frank: Great.

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Veronica: Don't you think you should have asked me before giving out free drinks?
Kevin: Well, it's not like you or Svetlana consulted with me about the van.

Shameless Quotes

Ian: Hey Fiona? I'm gay.
Fiona: I know.

We’re all addicts Fiona, trying to fill a void. Some of us are just better at hiding it, right?