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Frank is told that he can longer drink if he wants to live. Frank doesn't heed his doctor's advice and heads out with Lip and his recent gambling winnings to treat Lip for graduating high school. As they have fun, Frank begins coughing up blood, and is taken back to the hospital. Fiona tells him to either get sober for himself or his kids, but just get sober. Frank is shown walking out of the hospital in his gown.

Ian is determined to join the army after watching Mickey go down the aisle. He goes to see Micky one last time, but Mickey is unable to reciprocate his feelings. Ian gets a fake ID with his face and Lip's information and boards the army bus.

Lip is accepted with a full ride to MIT, but is unsure if he's going to go.

V's mom is pregnant.

Fiona is promoted to sales at her temp job.

Karen and Jodie head to a clinic to help her get better.

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Shameless Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Mickey: Don't.
Ian: Don't what?
Mickey: Just
Mandy: Hey, I got the nitrous. Meet you outside?
Mickey: The fuck do you want?
Mandy: Really, That's all you're going to say to him? You're a fucking pussy.

Fiona: Be the fabulous narcissist you are and do it for yourself.
Frank: What if I don't want to change?