Searching For Clues - Sharp Objects
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Camille and her mother geared up to attend the funeral. Adora told Camille not to work it and to steer clear of the drama. 

When they arrive, they sit down and Camille immediately starts to write down notes. Adora steals the pen and they start bickering. Camille leaves to buy a threading kit and bumps into Amma at the store. She's buying alcohol. 

Camille goes to Natalie's house and investigates the bedroom. She learns that she was a tomboy, who loved the outdoors. 

Camille learns about a kid who said he saw a woman in white as the murder was confirmed, and she asks to speak to his mother. But the woman refuses to speak unless she gives them money. 

Bill says that they will not take the kid's claims seriously because he is always lying about his life because his mother is poorly and can't look after him correctly. 

Amma has an outburst and Adora has another go at Camille about her actions in town, prompting the latter to continue self-harming. 

The episode ends with Camille taking a needle down to her groin. 

Sharp Objects
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You were never sweet.


How dare you harass good people. Go report somewhere else.