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The news breaks that Bob Lee was the one that killed the President of Ukraine instead of the President of the U.S.A.

The theory is that he somehow missed, despite being a master marksman.

Bob Lee is sent to prison. He is then moved into general population where he tries to start a fight so that he could go the infirmary. It doesn't work. But he meets a Ukrainian bigshot named Alex who claims him, and puts Bob Lee under his protection.

Alex is happy that the president is dead. He lets Bob Lee use a phone that keeps in his cell. 

Hugh puts a hit out on Bob Lee, and has guards and inmates trying to kill Bob Lee in hopes of splitting the bounty. 

Bob lee defends himself against the inmate and guard, kills them both, and manages to escape prison. He temporarily hides out at Donnie's mother's house until Isaac and the FBI tracks them down.

Isaac is mad because Payne was supposed to kill Bob Lee but he didn't. He was able to get Bob Lee to agree to confess, but then Hugh putting a bounty on his head screwed that up. 

Nadine continues to doubt that Bob Lee had anything to do with it. A fake email surfaces that she knows is fact, and after talking to Julie, she confirms that he really is being set up. 

Bob Lee calls Julie, despite the FBI listening, and basically tells her he's going to hunt all the people responsible down. Including Isaac, who he knows betrayed him and set him up. 

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Shooter Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Bob Lee: I want my lawyer.
Director: And I want tickets to Hamilton for Christmas.

Agent: The President not hit.
Nadine: What happened?
Agent: He missed! He killed the Ukrainian president.