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 The hunt for Bob Lee still persists. 

Bob Lee meets up with his wife in the ladies room of a grocery store, after he calls her. He knows that the FBI is tracking his phone. He tells her that he's doing everything he can to find the real person responsible. 

Bob Lee heads to the V.A hospital to meet up with an old friend and get help. 

Nadine talks to Julie and finds out that she should look into the cop who allegedly shot at and tried to stop Bob Lee. She looks into his history. 

Nadine then interrogates him at a bar. Kyle doesn't tell her anything but Payne and the others find out that she talked to him anyway. They kill him and make it look like he committed suicide.

Bob Lee heads to a cabin. Isaac threatens to take away Mary and other things when he storms in to talk to Julie. Julie gives up the cabin that Bob Lee is probably staying at. 

Isaac sends Payne and a hitman out there first, but they refuse to walk into what they suspect is a trap. Isaac and the others head out there. They engage in a shootout with Bob Lee until Isaac hits something and it explodes. 

They find dna and assume that Bob Lee is dead.

Mary tells her mother that the one story her father told her was about when he had to be a ghost, so it was a message that Bob Lee was still alive.

After the first time where he snuck into Nadine's apartment to tell her about Kyle being killed, he calls her later after news hits that he's dead and enlists her help to find out the real shooter and clear  his name. 

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Shooter Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Bob Lee's true skill is killing, and he's mastered it.


Leo, [grabs gun] I'll leave this by the door.

Bob Lee