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As Lydia gathers Harrison’s things to give away to Good Will, Jimmy puts on one of his suits, then does a strip tease to take it off just as Lydia’s mother makes a surprise visit. Lydia shoves him naked out of a first floor window before her mother can see him. 

Gammy tells Lydia that her options are limited at her age with men and encourages her to make things work with Harrison. To cover, Lydia says that she and Harrison have gotten back together. She has to agree to get Harrison a Tesla for him to go along with their story. Gammy is thrilled and has Nate come back home for the weekend to celebrate.

That night, Jimmy sneaks into the house to be with Lydia and accidentally sneaks into Nate’s room where Gammy is sleeping. When Gammy wants to know what is going on, Jimmy tell her he is gay and that he and Nate are a couple. 

Gammy is much more accepting of Nate and Jimmy than anyone expects but she wonders if Jimmy is good enough for Nate. Jimmy thinks if he can convince Gammy that he’s good enough for Nate, then maybe she’ll accept him with Lydia. 

Lydia pulls Jimmy aside and apologizes for making him go through all of this. He tell her that he do anything for the woman he loves, even her son. Lydia realizes that Jimmy just said he loves her. When he says it again, she tells him she loves him too and they kiss…just as Gammy walks in. 

Lydia finally comes clean and Gammy is furious about being lied to until Sam picks up Gammy’s vibrating cell phone and find’s Gammy’s fiance on the other line. Turns out Gammy was hiding him because she though Lydia would be upset since she said that Lydia’s late father was the only man she’d ever love. 

Everyone makes up. Gammy asks Lydia to be her maid of honor. Lydia agrees if Jimmy can be her date. Gammy tells Nate her friend has a wonderful son who would make a perfect date for him. Nate tells her he really isn’t gay but she doesn’t seem to believe him. 

Significant Mother
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