Significant Mother Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Suffering & Succotash

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It was family night on Significant Mother Season 1 Episode 5 as Lydia’s mom, aka Gammy (guest star Linda Gray), popped in for a visit. 

And pop in she did, just as Jimmy was doing a strip tease for Lydia.

Gammy's Home - Significant Mother

Jimmy and Lydia’s conversation before he went for the full monty was very sweet. He was wearing Harrison’s suit because he wanted to be fancy for her. Thankfully that’s not what Lydia wants because I don’t think Jimmy could ever pull it off with nearly the enthusiasm with which he literally pulled of that suit...and underwear.

I spent almost 30 years married to a guy in a fancy suit. Now I just want a guy who suits me.


However, I don’t think shoving Jimmy out a window really screamed I want you for who you are. Where exactly did Jimmy find the giant leaf and…does he really need one that big? Just curious.

Jimmy calling Nate while hiding in the garden led to the most memorable Significant Mother quote of the night…

It's an emergency. I'm in your mom's bush and I'm naked and afraid.


I don't think I could scrub that one from my mind if I tried. Also, I really had hoped to see Jimmy have that staring contest with the squirrel. 

The moment I heard Gammy's phone go off I wondered who was calling. You don’t give just anyone a hallelujah ring tone. 

Like many of us, Lydia was willing to go to extreme measures to make her mother happy. Well, extreme might just be an understatement. I don’t think most people would have their boyfriend pretend to be dating their son. Lucky for us, it led to some really funny moments concerning Gammy’s thought’s on Nate’s relationship…

Gammy: If you prefer a dominant man, we are all behind you.
Harrison: Especially Jimmy.

Unfortunately, Gammy didn’t think Jimmy was good enough for Nate, especially since her most vivid memory was of a 12-year-old Jimmy in a compromising position with the bible. She didn’t even get to hear about the shower toaster or the sex spork. Ouch!

On a side note, I kind of liked Atticus’ turn of phrase doorknobs. Call me crazy but I’d actually buy those, depending on the phrase I was turning. 

All of the Jimmy bashing had Lydia defending her boyfriend while hiding him at the same time…

Lydia: Jimmy's got a really big heart and a lot of untapped potential.
Harrison: Ooh, I'm pretty sure that's been tapped.

Harrison's snarky side comments have quickly become one of my favorite parts of this show. 

Between Jimmy crawling into Gammy's bed, then her finding out that Nate was gay, and then that Jimmy was really dating Lydia, I was beginning to wonder if Gammy was going to survive the visit. 

Of course it all led to Jimmy telling Lydia he’d do anything for the woman he loved, even her son. Only on Significant Mother can a profession of love make me swoon, laugh, and blush all at one. I was thrilled when Lydia told Jimmy she loved him too. It was endearing and adorable and…then Gammy walked in. Hallelujah. 

Yes, Gammy was hiding her own secret. Maybe next time Lydia and Jimmy can double date with Gammy and Jeremiah. And Nate…well, if he can’t have Sam maybe Gammy can set him up with her friend’s son.

If you want to read the behind the scenes scoop on Linda Gray's visit on Significant Mother and much more, take a look at my interview with Krista Allen.

Check back on Monday, Sept. 14th for Significant Mother Season 1 Episode 6 for more sweet, sexy, fun.

If you can’t wait until then, you can always watch Significant Mother online here at TV Fanatic. 

Suffering & Succotash Review

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