Thanksgiving Toast - Single Drunk Female
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James's dad is so proud of Jame's new job.

James gives an inappropriate and upbeat prayer, setting Lucas off.

Lucas confronts James about being drunk on Thanksgiving.

Lucas tries to form an intervention, but no one believes him about James.

James and Lucas fight when Lucas brings up his car accident. James runs out.

James orders a pina colada neat and offers to buy her a drink, but she doesn't want to owe him anything. James is so drunk and dancing like crazy.

Sam as Katrina buys James a drink so he'll stop dancing around the bar. He says she can't take advantage of him.

Sam as Katrina asked James for consent. He was really drunk. It was a hot and impulsive make-out session.

They had sex in the bathroom, which disgusted the bartender.

James realizes Sam lied about her name after the bartender kicks them out.

After getting kicked out of the bar, Sam and James convinced themselves they liked fresh air. They discuss their messed-up families.

James and Sam try to order food from a drive-thru. The server won't serve them because they're not in a car. She threatens to call the cops when they pretend that they are.

They end up at a party store and get junk food. They relate to each other from trying to hold it together and fear letting people down.

They share a romantic kiss and make a pact to meet up the following Thanksgiving. They have one more drink.

Sam gets sick outside the bar. She's getting tired and wants to go home. James wants to play in traffic. Sam rescued him before a car hit him and thought he needed help.

James is one day sober, and Lucas attends Jame's first AA meeting with him.

Single Drunk Female
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Single Drunk Female Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

No, that can’t be true! No one in this family drinks.

James's mom

Lucas: What are you doing?
James: Sorry for loving the Lord.
Lucas: You’re drunk. I knew you drank, but today of all days on Thanksgiving, Mom’s favorite holiday with all our relatives around.