No Boundaries - Single Drunk Female
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Sam is at a tailgate party with her mom and Bob.

She runs into her old boss, Nathaniel, in the parking lot. She apologizes for assaulting him with the phone, and he says he had to endure pirate jokes.

She admits she's seven months sober, and he realizes she does seem better and asks if she's done any writing. He thinks he could find something for her and gives her his card, asking her to send him some new material.

Carol is cautious about Sam working for Nathaniel again and thinks it could be a trigger.

Sam tells James about her interview in New York and suggests they take a road trip when she learns he has an upcoming meeting there,

Carol meets with Olivia and wants her to convince Sam not to interview in New York. Carol is afraid Sam will relapse.

Olivia refuses and tells Carol to talk to Sam.

Sam vents to Felicia about how hard it is to write with alcohol. Felicia tries to keep her calm.

Sam loses her cool at work with a customer because she's so nervous about the interview. Mindy reminds her to tell her probation officer about leaving town.

Brit stops by to invite Sam to the wedding. Carol is freaking out about talking to Sam.

Carol tries to bond with Sam, but she oversteps boundaries.

Sam hasn't written anything yet. She calls James for help. They both take the bus to New York, and Sam finally writes something.



Single Drunk Female
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Single Drunk Female Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Are you though? I endured pirate jokes every day for a month.


Carol: Samantha, you’re a writer. Didn’t New York and Bzzz make you want to drink?
Sam: There are lots of things that make me want to drink, Mom.