Rekindling a Friendship - Single Drunk Female
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Mindy tells Sam that today is Saint Patrick's Day, the biggest drinking day. Sam calls Olivia, and Olivia is concerned about Sam being isolated today.

She invites Sam up on the road trip with Stephanie and tells her to call anytime. Both ideas angered Stephanie.

Sam visits Felicia at work, hoping she, Felicia, and Zack can hang out and bake cookies. However, Felicia plans to party with some co-workers.

Sam is desperate and even asks Bob and her mom to hang out, but they have plans too. Sam looks so lonely. She starts to bake cookies but finds refrigerated dough instead.

Sam tries to do meditation, but she can't calm down, especially after seeing Felicia have fun without her. She then sees Brit having fun selecting wedding dresses. Sam sends her a text and then screams.

Brit isn't having much luck. She doesn't like any of the dresses. The store owner wants them out so she can drink, and her so-called friends said Brit looked like a slut in one of the dresses.

Brit texts Sam back, saying she needs help.

James lost his keys. Mindy goes with him to get a set from his roommates at a bar. She tells him she treats staying sober like a video game with objectives.

Brit's friends are horrified Sam is there. Sam takes charge, saying they want to see more dresses and find something Brit likes. She refuses the champagne. Brit still isn't happy, so Sam reminds her she can wear anything.

She offers to help her look another time.

James and Mindy pretend they're dating when they find James' roommates. The roommates won't release the keys unless the two of them beat them at beer pong.

James, Mindy, and Sam trade stories over coffee at the diner.

Single Drunk Female
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Single Drunk Female Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Olivia: If you feel lonely or anything, give me a call. The door is always open.
Stephanie(in the background): No, the door is closed.
Olivia: I love you. Hang in there.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day or as I call it, the purge for sober people.