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The teams lands at the US base in West Africa and make plans on how to save Rip.

Rip, the teacher and students are being taken on a truck to another camp. They remove Rip and one guy wants to kill him, but the other says they must wait.

In Dubai, the other brother, Michael is working on getting recruits for his cause. 

Rip is in a jail cell with other prisoners including the teacher, Na'omi.

Rip has a really bad attitude, and Na'omi doesn't like him at all. They all know he is a SEAL.

In Lagos, Nigeria, the team takes down an oil tanker to find a guy who might help them find Rip. They find the guy they're looking for, but there is a bad guy in the bathroom they don't know about who puts up a fight before they take him down.

The SEALs attempt to move the prisoner out on to a copter, but they meet some resistance on the way as they get topside.

They go home. Caulder, Bear and Buddha are having breakfast and talking about the night before. Bear and Caulder continue their disagreement about Rip.

Buddha gets home to see his son playing video games. He wants his dad to come to career day, but Buddha can't talk about his job.

Bear picks up his wife.  They're on their way to a fertility specialist.

Chase, the new guy, is working at the bar where he meets up with Buck and Fishbait.

Na'omi is talking to Rip. Rip still has his crap attitude no matter what Na'omi says. She wants to pay Rip to get them out of there. One of the girls, Esther, tries to talk to him. He doesn't know what to do.

Bear and Lena are in the specialists office talking about next steps. Joe has to give a semen sample and he's very uncomfortable as he watches porn to try to do what he needs to do, but he's having a hard time. Lena comes in to join him and helps him get what he needs.

Caulder is doing his own thing with a woman from the diner, then he cooks some dinner.

Buddah doesn't know what to do at home while his wife is out. He puts some peas on his knees.

Caulder's daughter shows up and he's naked except for his apron.

Buddah's wife comes home

Michael watches as a building in Dubai blows up. He tells his boss he's going to get teh seal, but the boss doesn't want him to.

Caulder's daughter is eating his dinner. She needs a place to crash for a few days. He can't deal with it.

The group are in the bar to welcome Chase to the group in a special ceremony that involves him wearing a wolf head and chugging a huge glass of beer. They knight him with a dildo.

Boko Harum takes everyone out of the jail. They are holding on to Rip. They know he's a SEAL. One guy is trying to talk his way out of his situation. He offers to pay money to get out then they chop off his arm. Rip is let go and tends to the guy to try to stop the bleeding. They beat up Rip. Then the guy faces him and raises his hand with the sword before the screen cuts out.








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SIX Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

We get in. We get out. We ask forgiveness later.


Yeah. I'm a Navy motherfucking SEAL.