Woman Walking - Six Season 1 Episode 3
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Rip is alive. Some of the girls are taken by Boko Haram to be sold as virgins. The leader unties rip and records a video threatening to kill him if they do not get 10 million dollars.

Rip has a flashback about saving Bear during training exercises. 

There is a SEAL meeting. They show the video the Boky Haram took. Meanwhile, Rip talks to one of the girls in the next cell. One of the girls taken earlier is brought back and thrown back into the cell.

Flashback to more training exercises. Caulder and Bear go at it. Rip rides Caulder's ass.

Back to present. Rip wants the girl (Esther) to get some information for him. He has a plan. One of the other prisoners tells the guards he's planning an escape. They take him out and shoot him.

Esther goes to the bathroom and gets the information he asks. He asks Naomi to help, but she refuses.

Flashback to an earlier successful mission. They return to their barracks. Rip is having an issue with his hands. He congrats Caulder on his first mission, but reams him for almost shooting an unarmed kid.

A guard comes in to tell Naomi to feed Rip.He asks Naomi about her family. She starts to ask about his and he has a flashback to better times with the team and his wife. It becomes apparent his SEAL team is almost more important than his wife. As time passes, the marriage is disintegrating. Very nicely done in only a few scenes. Rip is also spiraling out of control on his missions repeatedly shooting the dead.

Bear is upset about killing a woman who was wearing a back brace instead of a suicide vest.

The guards come in to take one of the girls, but Naomi offers herself instead so that Rip can be untied.. rip escapes and kills the guard who is raping Naomi. Naomi demands he takes her and girls with him, so he takes them all.

Rip has another flashback to another after mission party. Rip gets completely drunk. he and Gloria have a non=moment as he throws all sorts of bottles off the pier where once he and his wife used to make love when he returned.

The SEALS are having a meeting about finding Rip. Rip and hte rest of the gang are seen by Boku Haram. The main place knows they're gone and start chasing. Rip is taking the injured guy. No man left behind.

The big Muslim guy lets Michael take the plane to go after Rip.The boss doesn't trust him and makes him take a urine test. He claims he's been clean for six months.

Flashback to mission that started the season when Rip killed the American (Michael's brother.) Bear and Buddha back up Rip. Caulder tells him he'll never do another mission with him ever.  Bear goes off on Caulder and tells him to erase the tape of Rip killing Michael's brother.

Rip and the gang are close to the refinery. One of the prisoners is stuck in the middle of the road watching instead of running and gives up when Boku Haram catches him. They kill him and go after Rip and gang. Rip takes off and goes over the fence at the refinery, but can't deal with watching the girls or Naomi get killed. He gives up.





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SIX Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Rip: You lost a cherry, Caulder. How does it feel?
Caulder: Amazing. Like Old Testament amazing.

Ain't this beautiful, boys?